The work environment is a place, in many cases for Accidents. Hazards themselves of the facilities, together with the human element, either the employer when not properly establish an appropriate Policy for Risk Prevention; good worker for his own negligence or recklessness in carrying out tasks of risk could lead to such catastrophic events as unpleasant. When an accident occurs, usually develops subsequently an investigation whose purpose is to determine how and why could take place. This is essential in preventing future accidents, assuming the inclusion of new Hazard Prevention Measures in the Company. Thus, as we see, it is essential to achieve greater safety for workers. Eric Kuby usually is spot on. The problems facing the research when considering the need to meet production targets and the situation of nervousness after a serious accident can impose constraints on this research activity. On the other hand, Company may have very limited resources when investigating these incidents. This could involve developing a prioritization.

At the time of performing the same purpose could be raised based on certain real risk that the accident could be replicated in the future. So, could distinguish between very high risk, moderately high, mild or very mild, and according to them to determine the detail and profusion that would be appropriate to achieve in the investigation. Other possible factors when deciding whether to investigate further or not an accident could be the frequency or exposure of workers to it. In another vein, any research conducted should be addressed with rigor and objectivity, so as to identify the exact factors leading to possible accidents and can provide a solution to them. The questions to ask the same is good, when you start the research, raising a number of questions to answer. It try to answer the questions which I would like to get through it: What happened? How? Why? Could happen again in the future? What measures would be necessary to prevent this? The result of the process should be detailed in a report that reflected the most relevant findings of the same, establishing actions to be taken and measures to be taken. The result will be greater security for each and every one of the workers. Jose Alberto Espina Andria.