Coaching the most problems in businesses for entrepreneurs and executives can accomplished best in a positive working atmosphere. Here, the leadership of a company is required by outstanding leadership work to create a positive climate. “An old Bavarian saying: as the Lord, so BBs Gscherr!” That stinks of fish from the head, it is also sufficiently known each. As far as the theory. As we all know, it is unfortunately not so simple in practice. In consulting, we very often come across outstanding technically trained employees.

But at the emotional leadership work, dealing with the different people in the company, we find generally insufficient qualification. It is so simple: make sure that the employees feel good, then ensure the customers that the business owners feel comfortable! It is this often underestimated interactions, which brings success and growth. But what must note the entrepreneur or the executives, to the Leadership to be outstanding? There are four important questions that should ask the leadership every day! 1. how many employees do I? Optimum leadership work can be provided only if the Executive has to take no more than 15 to max. 20 employees. Often, we see that the entrepreneur should lead up to 50 employees, and more.

When the officer in mind, that in a perfectly functioning team once a month an appraisal interview should be carried out, one quickly becomes clear, leaving barely the time at an average of 20 working days for other activities. 2. I note my employees? I know the name of my employees? I know the birthdays and if so, how does my reaction out? I know the family background? I would like to see the performance and I can respond to either recognition or uplifting, constructive criticism? 3. what motivators can I use? It is not difficult to motivate employees. Most of the staff must be not big motivated, because the self motivation is sufficiently high.