Modern life is hard to imagine without a computer. Every day, computers are becoming increasingly important part of our lives. Increasingly, there are situations when it is necessary that the computer was at hand, and you're on the road home, in a cafe or library. In such situations, this will be the salvation of the laptop. And wherever you are – you can always stay in touch with the world. However, choosing a laptop is no easy task, so you need to take into account all positive and negative aspects.

Unlike a desktop computer, "upgrade" the laptop often is a problem because is not possible to replace many parts. Including account of this feature, you must carefully select the configuration of the laptop. Many people when choosing a laptop first draw attention to manufacturers, and then pick from the proposed range of the desired configuration. But the choice of Manufacturer of many difficulties, and there is the question: "And what kind of company is best?". Notebooks of all manufacturers can be divided into low cost, business-class laptops, gaming stations and media centers. Choosing laptop, you can easily get lost in the wide range offered in the notebook market.

But if you look, it's not that difficult. All laptops are divided into classes (UMPC, ultra-compact, multimedia, Tablet PC, business, image, cost, expensive), which facilitates finding the right model. Having determined the budget, select "machine", the tasks that it would take, brand, class and functionality will only pick up a laptop design.