So, according to the online gaming portal UP-GAMEZ most expensive game in history will be a new version of the game Hitman which will be released pretty soon. In recent years, corporation, developer Square Enix, has suffered huge losses on creation of a new Hitman. Officially, the amount was not disclosed to anyone, but it’s certainly very, very large sums of money that can be called the most expensive game in history. For quality animation and gaming effects in the new version of Hitman will responsible corporation Giant Studios developed a game-hits such as ‘Avatar’ and many others. As an audio voice-game characters will perform famous artists of America and Europe.

The new version will add new Hitman, competently thoughtful and consistent mission to capture him the player and his new zavorozhat skirmishes and battles that will pridostatochno. From all this, one can imagine that the money spent on the game will not go in vain and pay off, and the game itself will bring many millions of fans and fan base among them and I will. I would also like a few words to say about the previous game vesrii. She was nesmonenno good, and I passed it completely because I am advanced gamer. In the game hit the gun arsenal, as well as the dynamism of the game company. The graphics and game world as the same steel for me amazingly well. The quality I value in a solid 4 out of 5 possible why that Some games that come out in the same time with a little Hitman privoshodili its effects on quality. In short, I’ll look forward to the game update and release a brand new gaming product for the cost, and the team Developer served on a huge high quality reliable and interesting. I hope that this article does not leave you indifferent and you will express your thoughts in the comments on this account.