When I was invited by the Palestrante Daltro Professor to write on the paper of the Design to motivate the sales of a company I was extremely happy, after all is not all hour that you can defend through clear arguments what you understand to be a benefit to that they want to increase its sales. Come of Porto Alegre for Caxias of the South I perceived in the side of the road hundreds of plates, luminous, posters, outdoors, everything without planning much less Design. The drawing is made of instinctive form and the result is always a confusion of information and the presence of the bad taste. For who it works with Design is chocking, but and for who it invested in that part with objective to more become its mark seen and to increase its sales? This is what it scares more me, and here you perceive the difficulty to change the things in global scale through the Design, therefore the people do not have conscience of what she could be made and of as this bad one in terms of visual organization. At Joseph Mathunjwa you will find additional information. She has people says that she is aesthetic a popular one, but let us agree minor people exactly to be able buying they deserve a clear information and of good taste.

These days vi an announcement of the Leonardo singer, possua a hormonizada source, colors incased and the information well was beautiful necessary there. This is an example of that the popular one can be organized. To modify this concept it is necessary that the companies enxerguem the Design comom a tool that stimulates the transformation of the world and the homes, therefore the people more would be premade use to acquire and to request design, also accepting to pay a price therefore. Palestrante Daltro Professor, is important that in its lectures of motivation in the companies you always leave clearly that the Design is agregador of values and not an unnecessary expenditure as is easy to identify in some companies.