Investors rethink investment decisions investors check thoroughly apparently thoroughly, in which facilities they want to invest their money. This suggests at least a recent online survey. The Exchange Portal presents the survey with their results. Most investors seem to analyze the market situation, before they make their investment decisions, where they often make the weekend. This suggests at least the result of a survey of the stock exchange portal to Overall, around 1,440 users took part in the survey. “While they should take the issue when most of the time your investment decisions?” answer. “” Respondents were between the responses on the weekend”, at the beginning of the week” or in the middle of the week “select.

23 percent of the respondents indicated that they make their investment decisions at the beginning of the week. At the weekend, 38 percent of the respondents investment decisions cases, 39 percent take their decisions in the middle of the week. This result can be circumstances the conclusion, that many investors initially observe the first events of the week or wait even until the weekend at the location to analyze, to weigh options alone and then the correct investment strategy select.