Find in these troubled times articles that advise how to adapt curriculum to times of crisis, is easy. Others less instructional and more critical damage the image of the unemployed to put emphasis on the tendency to resort to deceit to increase opportunities. Lying is part of a human condition as such is not surprising that there are people who lie on their resumes. They do not discover anything new, but articles thus harm rather than benefit to give the impression that it is an overly used practice. A vision of the human being as a liar by nature is exposed. It is no wonder the distrust by the interviewer that cares about not being deceived, and tries to tune your evaluator eye as much as possible. It is not something NBA Games would like to discuss. Distrust will be the starting point even after hired the person who must break that wall distance him from integration into the company. Other less common articles are those who speak of the other side, about the attitude of the employer or the interviewer.

Are people too and by such they can lie. Who puts the ability to be clear, transparent and honest when it comes to exposing the candidate profile looking at trial? do in case they delimit functions, they communicate the expectations that have about the job and the person who wants to hire? There are likewise employers who resort to the opacity, and attitudes account drops when communicating with the candidate. They seek employees disciplined, diplomatic, serious, and other qualities that many companies lack and well evidenced by not giving response on the outcome of an interview. The silence one must understand it as a no. One who manages to overcome the interview, and acquired the post belatedly discovers that the features were not as they told them either stumbles upon the unexpected dizziness in the functionality change turning from one side to another. This last makes debate itself there was premeditation or is that the entrepreneur is more lost than the rookie. An attitude that may be common in times of crisis. Where is it clarity of the companies then? Can be trusted? Isolation and distrust is the engine of low mobility exists in matters of labour contracts.

It seems that you untreated candidates seeking to deceive to hunt a job, but the tables have turned and we must not forget that there are businessmen who want to hunt down a candidate who occupies the post in imprecise in its communication and the sale of false illusions. Prepared, young, with few economic and two fundamental requirements in these times; high degree of involvement and willingness to multifunctionality. Added to an acceptance of no progress, and not trying to vary the initial contract. Relax in the next interview, or the time you want to review your contract, need that calm to assess and analyze also who has front. What can you expect?