Me maache Hey our thing”he is surprised with a funky arrangement and the young guns as guest vocalist, a Hunter while because” with prominent blues-rock gene marks another innovation in the musical cosmos of Hales. “The title song up one high” with its catchy refrain already has the makings of the series in the long list of the eternal classic, Hales. “Young US’m Levve” takes in the best manner of rock all those nihilist on the grain, which know everything better than others. “Sun and tar” describes the melancholy for and again the eternal under way being what the episode song you fohlst you jot aan “lifted with the ease of a love letter to all those who will, be a really at heart. Hohner’s new album is the downright epic millions of stars”, to the popular audience demand a cross-section from the four Songs delivers the chicks for their rockin’ ‘ Roncalli “had written to show, and in which the four elements – water, Earth, fire and air – play an important role. A such long song, which takes a good eight minutes, heard as well on the new album, like all the other songs, because he belongs to us”, Henning herb maker commented on the closing song. Rugged, powerful, varied and at the same time suitable for the party than ever sound the chicks on sky high high”, which once again proves that the skills of the band are in the river. A circumstance which Jens amanita is not least because according to multi-instrumentalist, that new guitarist John Parsons was first involved in playing a complete Hohner Studio album.

That’s the nice thing about the band. New musicians come to get involved, this changes the sound of the band.” “Bassist Hannes schoner him agrees with, if he the chicks as an open system” describes. My roots are founded in the Texas blues rock and I glad that I incorporated this aspect into the music of the Group may be. As each band member his personal preferences brings up”, says John Parsons. With up one high”opened a new chapter of the creativity of the Hohner is up now, is carrying the eternal fountain of youth, which represents the band for the individual musicians, additional freshness and oomph with confidence into the next decade.

It is the diverse musical and thematic range, which accounts for the success of the Hohner as trademarks of the band. It is located but also quite possibly in the consciousness roots are the justified, which unquestionably are in Cologne, Germany, that now Europe-wide demand for the Hohnern from album to album. In the Colombia response to the saying can up one jubilant death saddened”, with their mood swings implied only with a life-affirming high up one” will be answered.