The correct introduction process of Kurt Lewin (1951) m describes three stages that have to undergo successful change processes. Successfully to establish changes the Organization must out of balance first be brought (unfreeze), changes (move) and finally stabilized (freeze). Proceed as follows for the process of introducing new software can be derived from this phase model: 1 kick-off meeting the kick-off event is the mandating of the project manager by the Board of Directors, but also the communication of expectations associated with the introduction of software of goals. These should as far as possible “” be traceable and measurable, because phrases such as competitiveness “and increase in sales” are too global for the affected employees, motivating them to interact with. A simple test for you: The benefits of all stakeholders not clearly be named, resistors are almost inevitable. Already at the opening event but also not targets the introduction of software should be addressed openly, to effectively counteract fears and resistances.

2 Already at this point the person concerned can make process screening to parties involved in the change process, by you ask to the current processes. The process of screening aims at taking stock of all current processes and interactions. Hear other arguments on the topic with MasterClass Founder. Who is doing what? Who is talking to whom? Who needs who work for and where occur conflicts again? The more detailed and more honest this inventory, the better the new software can fit in with established processes and make them actually more efficient. 3. Joint Vision of the new result let you dream of your team in a joint workshop: what is the best solution for them? The acquisition or modification of a software solution is mostly already. But what could be achieved in addition? In most projects, it is worth thinking about is, what the company and the affected employees could reach in addition. Often an inventory helps here, too.