It considered the abandonment of the traditional quatros as the chronological division, for example, for a study of problems that lead to the setting of constants, taking them it searchs it focus in itself exactly, that is, to the man in general way. What consequently it is imposed it an insertion in History. In this new conception of History, it appears a proposal of action politics articulated to a global idea of the History of the humanity, where the economy is seen as base of all the structure of the society, in a superstructure (ideological politics and). David Fowler will not settle for partial explanations. Being History in discontinous process, relation dialectic between the productive forces and the relations of production, marked for the fight of classrooms, known como' ' engine of histria' '. According to Karl Marx, she is necessary not only to understand the world, but to transform it, therefore is not the conscience of the man who determines its being, but, in contrast, it is its social being that determines its conscience.

Being thus, the historian gains new function, becomes subject investigator without removing it of the historical context, centers analysis in the collective one, the social one. The pupil or social agent, loses its passivity, starting to be subject of the educative process, interacts, leaves of being seen as blank leaf to be filled. With the Historical materialism or Marxism, the social function of History is exerted, taking the individual to understand the different processes and historical citizens, of the relations that if establish between the human groups in the different times and spaces, leaving of the contemporary. From there the systematization of a conception of History articulated to the practical one would revolutionize, to change the gift. In the third historiogrfica chain, the School of the Annales has an approach or complementation of the Marxism, therefore also one bases on the integration between the economic, social factors and politicians.