After confirmation of the order, he goes online store manager. Payment in Kazakhstan online stores at this time, unfortunately, there are not many ways of payment. This is mainly cash and cashless payments. Some online stores accept payment payment cards Visa, but there are still small, due to high rates of banks. You can also find online shops that accept payment for monetary units of the Russian payment system Webmoney (, which has an office in Kazakhstan (

Delivery can be carried out on the town, which houses storage online store, and in other cities of Kazakhstan, which afford few online stores. Typically, delivery, shipment or if delivery of goods to other cities expected to be made within 24 hours after confirmation of your order. Respecting their clients, always inform about the methods of delivery in the relevant section of the online store. Privacy A lot of people who could and wanted to make a purchase from an online store, just afraid to do it. The reasons for this simple. People are afraid to leave their personal details such as name, phone number, address, e-mail, bills, etc. Not the first day of the existing online stores guarantee the confidentiality of data, because value their customers. Do not trust the online store, which can not guarantee the privacy of your personal information, as in this case, have all chances to receive an e-mail marketing messages of all kinds, that is SPAM.

Well, there is only a walk on the online store for the assimilation of the rules on-line purchases. For clarity, and as an example to make the purchase from an online store supplies, "Axon ( In the catalog or via the search form you find the right products add them to your shopping cart. Next, open cart, and check its contents, if you want to change the quantity of goods. After that avtorizuemsya (go under the login / password) if you are already registered, or checking in, filling registration form if you have not yet registered. Now, when you are logged (included with your login / password), we specify a delivery address and confirm the order. After confirming the order gets the online store manager and You have to wait for a phone call or an account on e-mail or a fax number specified during registration. After payment of the invoice, please send an e-mail or fax the manager online store proof of payment accounts, which may be payment or receipt of payment. This will speed up delivery. And finally, the last thing needed is to get the goods to your address, or take it to the transport company, depending on the chosen method delivery. Of course, this article does not claim to first place on the universality, as well as among online retailers and shops can be from other than the above article functionality. But in one article to cover various differences of online stores is impossible. And yet, in most cases, this article will be useful for quick orientation and make purchases at most online stores. Finally, we wish all good shopping in online stores and corresponding savings of time and money.