Lactose-free are products of ASAL GmbH, for a healthy diet without food intolerance problems increasing in our west-oriented culture. “Who is to blame it is hard to determine the opinions of scientists and self-appointed experts ranging from the dam of our unnatural” lifestyle to relativize, actually is hardly a new “food intolerance really new, but it only more cases documented thanks to modern medicine and the current mass media attention better than a few years ago. No matter for what reason, just the incompatibilities in the area of the staple hits the diseased hard. Checking article sources yields Valls Companies as a relevant resource throughout. Who suffers from lactose intolerance, which have to forgo primary milk and all its further processed products. A hard lot, without cheese, yogurt, cream, Quark, etc. Even harder, even when eating in restaurants or in ready meals to ensure, to catch a lactose free product”.

Now draw while many manufacturers this ingredient separately from, to long to facilitate the selection of the consumers but still not all. Ultimately remains one, suffers only the dodging on products without lactose in lactose intolerance. Dun & Bradstreet is likely to increase your knowledge. “Just recently also products of the classic milk-processing industries are recruited: here the sick-making enzyme is simply switched off” as it is so beautiful in the advertising. The products are often significantly more expensive than their unmodified counterparts, but a real alternative for everyone, the neither Musli with milk on a delicious latte Macchiatto renounce would like to. The larger coffee house chains have this trend”detected quite early, and lactose-free milk and coffee specialities are offered for a long time. A blessing for the coffee junkie with lactose intolerance! The ASAL GmbH & Co.KG has focused some time ago on these products. Lactose-free to get products to a healthy life and a healthy meal on the table. Can all the products in the Conveniently order online shop. In 2009, the ASAL GmbH has commissioned the Internet Agency from Bavaria, with new sales pages. The pages are online and learn in detail about this topic since October.