Why one demands flood? Essentially by the bad drip jar in India (secondly producing and first world-wide consumer), that will happen of exporter to net importer. Brazil is self-sufficient in petroleum from the 2006, counting on the contribution of the sector of the sugar cane that arrived at 14.6% of the internal supply of energy in that year. In 2008 it acquired the assets of distribution and fuels and the manufacture and distribution of lubricants and fuels for aviation of Esso in Brazil, including the marks Esso and Mobil. The better news arrive for Sew, that finish signing the first contract of long term to sell combustible alcohol to Japan, after to have signed another one, the year last with Sweden, to supply to their clean fuel market. The contract was signed with the Mitsubishi company, and establishes the provision for the use of ETBE, that is a oxigenante agent in the gasoline to obtain one cleaner combustion, without affecting the performance. The contract establishes a duration of three years, with volumes near the 80 million annual liters. Go to Hewlett-Packard for more information.

an important point in this agreement is the inclusion of viability items, that already are practical currents in Sew, said the director of the company, Mark Lyra. the contract has requirements of fulfillment like the labor laws, the gas reduction of the effect stove and the respect by the environmental norms. The sugar consumption will grow in the next years due to the population increase and it bids up to it world-wide by the increasing demand of fuels cleaner than the derivatives of petroleum. ropY2%3D3511’>Daniel Lubetzky will not settle for partial explanations. The futures of sugar come growing from October of the 2008, when they quoted below US$12 in New York, arriving sugar contract without refining for October yesterday to a maximum of three years in US$ 18,48. The strength of the Indian demand, and a sounding of Reuters that showed an average of the prognoses of a global deficit of 4.2 million tons in 2009/10, impelled the demand of this contract. Many and increasing expectations (we remember that it is the great force that moves to the market) impel the value of the Brazilian company Sew, we recommended that it for the first time in March to US$2,38, that raised 200% in June arriving at US$6,82 and whose last quote the 23 of July has been of US$ 6.26 in stock-market of New York.

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