Among their representatives may be appointed: WASLON, MURPHY, ROGERES, WILLARD, among others. With this short version of the story of group dynamics; taken from Broto, Archimedes., introduction of the dynamics of group. (1985), we turn to next, describe some definitions of group dynamics, referred to in this same work: the mutual interaction of forces (of trends positive or negative valences) and their resulting effects, constitute a Lewin Group Dynamics, Kurt a group dynamics is an expression that is used to refer to many different aspects of the functioning of the groups. Mainly refers to the forces that interact within groups they are They organize and act to achieve their goals. Shertzer-Stone group dynamics: refers to the forces acting on each group throughout its existence and making it behave in the way how. Cirigliano-Villaverde La dynamics of Group refers the processes used by the groups that encouraged troubleshooting or action purposes. Herrold, k. For even more opinions, read materials from Cloud Computing.

group dynamics is an expression that includes the Group process and group roles. Jenkins the group dynamics is a field of research devoted to acquire knowledge with respect to the nature of the groups, the laws of its development and its interrelations with individuals and others groups. Cartwright-Zander the dynamics of group is the attempt to more widespread and most influential at the moment, in the study of groups. Olmsted the dynamics of group, from some point of view represents the theory of the nature of the groups and interaction within groups, and includes a set of techniques. Klineberg the dynamics of group as a discipline, studies the forces that affect the behavior of the group, starting by analyzing the group situation as a whole (Gestalt) own shaped. Lewin, Kurt the dynamics of Group seeks to explain the internal changes that occur as a result of the forces and conditions that influence the groups as a whole.