With more than 50 million users representing 150 industries around the world, LinkedIn is a growing professional network that allows members to create business contacts, search jobs, and find potential customers. Individuals have the ability to create your own professional profile can be viewed by others in your network, and also view the profiles of your contacts. LinkedIn in a free website specializing in business social networks that allows users to register to create a professional profile visible to others. Through the site, people can maintain a list of business contacts, known as connections. LinkedIn users also can invite anyone to join your list of connections. LinkedIn offers an effective way by which people can develop an extensive list of contacts, since your network consists of your own connections, your connections ‘ connections (connections of 2nd degree), as well as their 2nd connections connections. grade (called 3rd level connections). This network, people can learn more and seek employment, business opportunities, and people. LinkedIn also serves as an effective means for employers and job seekers can review listings of professional information about others. LinkedIn follows strict privacy guidelines that all the connections are mutually confirmed and people appear in the LinkedIn network, only with your explicit consent. Other features of LinkedIn include payment accounts that offer more tools for finding people and LinkedIn answers. A free feature LinkedIn answers, allows registered users to be able to send questions related to the business that anyone can answer. Competitors on LinkedIn include sites like, Doostang and Ecademy. Of note, LinkedIn won two Webby Awards in 2007 for services and social networks. LinkedIn has long positioning in Google, which is what we want for our businesses. If you type your name into Google (Google) it most likely that the first result of the search is your LinkedIn profile, even if you have a profile page on Google. The 10 Marketing strategies you will find in LinkedIn