They are these characteristics that form the particularitities of the man. For even more details, read what Michael Mendes says on the issue. 4.1.1O man and its particularitities. The man is a being endowed with inherent proper characteristics itself, these particular characteristics it, is what he stimulates the studies in the field of the anthropology. ' ' The anthropology has a biological dimension, while physical anthropology; a dimension cultural partner, while social anthropology and/or cultural anthropology; a dimension philosophical while philosophical anthropology, that is, when it is pledged in answering the investigation: What he is the man? ' ' (Marconi; Presotto 2006 p: 1) Leaving of the optics of the author it sees if that, the anthropology looks for to extend to the maximum its studies in the attempt to discover what he is the man, observing it as a being complex and endowed with knowledge, that in the case can be divided in: popular or empirical knowledge, scientific knowledge, philosophical knowledge and theological knowledge. The human knowledge can still be presented in two ways? sensible and intellectual, being that, the sensible knowledge is perceived through the directions and the intellectual it is noticed through ideas and principles. These two forms of knowledge most of the time occur in an agreed way. ' ' It is a relation that if establishes between the citizen that know and the known object.

In the discovery process, the citizen cognoscente if appropriates, in certain way, the known object. If the appropriation is physical, sensible, the knowledge is sensible. This type of knowledge is found in such a way in the animals, as in the man: it happens by means of the sensible cincos. If the appropriation is not sensible, what with realities such as concepts (ideas), principles and laws, the knowledge is intelectual.' ' (Rampazzo, Lino 1996 p: 23) Hardly they happen separately, therefore the directions inform the physical characteristics, however it is the intellect that will go to process the information and will indicate as to act ahead of the definitive situations. .