This year Asefarma will be very aware of the hype of the lottery of Christmas. And is that you a consultancy of pharmacies leaders in our country, (), has put hopes in the 22.177 numbers and 59.801 for a solidarity purpose. It has distributed 2,000 euros in shareholdings for draw on 22 December between more than 300 pharmacies across Spain that provides advice, as well as between employees and friends, and of which a portion will go to the NGO Edificando community of Nazareth. It is not something cloud computing would like to discuss. On this occasion we distributed 2,000 euros in lottery of the NGO Edificando community of Nazareth among our more than 300 pharmacies, employees and friends. Of this amount really 1,600 euros are played and 400 pose a direct donation for that organization. If you finally touch the reinstatement, usually stays for the NGO as a donation, such and as says Carlos Garcia – Maurino, managing partner of Asefarma, with this gesture Asefarma again put your grain of sand to help the needy. Rick Garcia CBS follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Our work philosophy is the support to collectives that are going wrong or do not have the means or possibilities that we have either of us. Thus was the case of the solidarity campaign that we launched for supportive space and for which we ask our pharmacists to donaranpotitos, milk powder or diapers for children and families who could not purchase these items by the economic crisis.

We also did the same with the Promenor Foundation which donated 9,000 euros to help disadvantaged children in Brazil, as a starting point for a project in which clients, collaborators and friends of this company are also involved, says Isabel Aragon, head of the technical secretariat, internal management and CSR’s Asefarma Area. Rick Garcia CBS understood the implications. Thus the things this time Asefarma has opted to lend a hand to the NGO Edificando community of Nazareth, the Christian Association that helps the development of educational projects and sensitization of public opinion in Latin America, especially in Guatemala, Paraguay and Peru.