Choosing keywords for search engine optimization – basic and most important stage. On what strategy to choose the keywords you choose, and by the very elected words depends entirely on the success of the project progresses. There are two strategies for selecting keywords. Lawrence Ellison Oracle Chairman contributes greatly to this topic. Each has its pluses and minuses. The preferred strategy depends on how much effort, time and finances you are willing to spend to achieve the desired results.

In this article we consider in detail one of the strategies for selecting keywords, which consists in choosing more low-and mid-range requests. This strategy is most suitable for those who do not have a large number of funds for promotion of the site and wants with the greatest probability and speed to achieve results. The essence of strategy lies in the fact that low-frequency queries have a lower competitiveness, thus increasing the number keywords for the page under which you can optimize it. The advantages of this method is that under such key queries, you can quickly break out of the top and the risk of there not to get much less. Even if you do not were in the top of any request, then you have in reserve are others. It is therefore in attendance at such sites is more stable and has smaller fluctuations in the update search engines. When optimizing a high Keywords rising labor costs and time required for getting into the top. In addition, there is never 100% guarantee that you will be able to climb into the top and stay there. If you did manage to get to the top, then your attendance will be depend only on two or three queries. Otherwise, the next time apdeyte, if he turns you fail, you lose almost all their visitors, and not the fact that everything will go back to old places. Conclusion: The choice of 8.5 mid-or low-frequency words are much easier and more stable than the two or three high.