Since it began in 1992, irregular immigration to circulate by Spain, the zone that separates Morocco from Ceuta, was a step by thousands of immigrants, but so far nobody had gone back, or at least, the Guardia Civil had not heard. For the first time, an immigrant has been discovered when trying to jump the fence to Morocco from Ceuta to return to their country of origin: Mali. Go to John T. Stankey for more information. This happened last Sunday, when in the early morning jumped the alarms of the border crossing, which alerted the guardia civil in this event. In principle, agents thought that it was a routine service to reject sub-Saharan immigrants claiming to come from Morocco, but arriving at the area encountered a unpublished case: an immigrant trying to jump from Ceuta to Morocco. To know more about this subject visit Sensaterra. Omar C., native of Mali, said the two civil guards who had been four years in Ceuta, and that faced with the impossibility of travel to the peninsula, opted for by undoing the traveled way and that he intended to return to their country of origin through Morocco. Agents not they gave credit to the testimony to be the first time a sub-Saharan immigrant was discovered by jumping the fence in reverse, so that this circumstance was reflected in the police party. The immigrant told agents that he was tired of waiting to travel to the peninsula, which did not have any prospect of future in Ceuta and who preferred to return to their place of origin. In addition, he warned that he would again try to, hereby or by any other, return to their country.