As always those that really are seen in difficulties are the anonymous individuals that conform this country. The educative and labor situation is worse than it was predicted. The politicians return to reduce the presupuestoeducativo, the shipwreck scholastic each vezms great and the age of retirement is slowed down until the 67 years. Seeing how it is the patio, it waits a very complicated and little stimulating morning to us. Convarios obstacles adolescenteschocan to start up their professional race, the people with fixed work realise a masters online and courses of languages to have more possibilities of promoting and of making sure the use. In last instance, jubiladoscasi cannot subsist because they have its pensions are not sufficient. In spite of this, still there is one that to sabedar conlo positive of this stage and does not surrender antelas adversities.

By all means, not always it is possible to ***reflx mng itself of the circumstances, but we have good health and more or less we have sufficient income like being throwing, is necessary to procurarponer in practice a suitable philosophy. To menudoconsideramos that the lack of wealth supposes to have to remain in house during the weekend, but there are gratuitous or very cheap options of leisure that can turn our time of leisure into something much more funny. For example, the newspaper of the weekend, the Vanguard recogeuna column where decosas informs gratuitous or by less than 5 Euros in Madrid and Barcelona. In the same way, the art galleries are many that offer gratuitous entrance the weekend (normally Sundays in the evening). And if we preferred to make another thing, we always can prepare picnic in the beach or the mountain that, to part of being economic, it is very good for our health. Therefore, although we do not have sufficient resources to solve the economic difficulties, yes that we can work so that our life is, like minimum, a little pleasanter. Original author and source of the article.