It affirms to have worked 20 years in the Castle passing for you vary functions until arriving at the manager position. It worked per many years as administrator who was the person in charge to fiscalize the work of the employees and that it gave to order the ninety people giving a machete for each one of them to cut the sugar cane. Mr. Julio cites some administrators who had worked there also: Z de a Cruz, Pink Sundays, Its Dezinho, Joo of Ana, Laudino Joo, Francisco Agrio and Peter Cardoso. It also says to have existed two types of sugar produced in the device, the crystal and mascavo. It comments that the farm Castle was one manufactures because used much people and the plantation of the sugar cane was done of six and six months, being six for the plantation and six for the harvest. As the farm was very great planted the eyes of different sugar cane in months, with this, would have a harvest every year.

Julio Conrado remembers that when the plant started to function they had come many people of the hinterland of Sergipe to work in the Castle and the village of Luzia Saint badly had streets and the ones that had the road age of land and did not exist stone pavement and the remain of the village was taken for the plantation of the sugar cane. I deal it of the village grows a little, therefore, the money that if paid was little more gave divides to pay them and existed some commercial houses at that time and when it was day of Saturday it was difficult the circulation of people inside of bodegas because they were always full. The fair in the sunday went until the six of the night and nowadays it is a sadness to see that the fair starts five of the morning and finishes nine of the morning and badly has tents, being that before it was an enormous fair and it had of everything to vender, Its Julio attributes one of the reasons it fair old to have much people was because of the Device Castle that used many people of the city and that they passed having dinheirinho for making purchases.