The colloquies of transactions, broke the frieza of the approach between the gotten passionate ones, and had served to narrow bows before distanciados by the extreme protectionism of the father. All the dialogue was only treated business-oriented; the smiles were shy, both feared an abrupt interruption of the colloquy, and therefore, each gesture of affection or affection, was almost imperceptible its Manuel Vidal. One to blink of eyes, squeeze of a soft and slippery hand confirmed the intentions and interests that tone tried to pass in a look, but, the look are deeper, that Isabel made of everything for it to pass a small letter that also demonstrated the interest of the young for the youngster. The letter said: – The first time that looked at you me, its look penetrated in the viscera of my soul and inside lit of me a deep desire to know it better. I believe that you perceived how much I am protected by my father. But, I am ready to abandon the comfort all that I have to be its. If already without letters or declaration a devorador wolf it made of everything to deflorate its victims, the more a so strong declaration that it made with that the gala invested the all vapor, in that possibly said to be enamored with it. However, in other ports this devorador already had promised that it would marry all with who before was lain down, but, it had not compromised the heart, therefore this belonged the Isabel.

Then, the Solimes went up, stopped in each before ponteado port, entered in the River Anam, it made transactions, and nothing of a meeting concrete, more direct with the loved one, that it turned the head and it molded the feelings of Tone. The other young ones if inquietavam and passed if to ask: Why it not in the search more? The PARTIES OF the RETAIL DEALERS In each port that the retail dealers arrived, these costumavam to make parties, therefore they brought cachaa that if it puted in charge to inebriate the messengers in the ports, so that they were more untied and they were not imported with its children who costumavam to adentrar the forest with the perverted wolves that after to become fullfilled themselves forgot its promises marriage, children, and to live in the great city. But, unhappyly it are not thus so easy in the port ' ' Porongaba' '. Although Isabel to like travelling it very, did not surrender easily to the desires of the outsider. It thought about constituting family, to have children and to be part of the life of the owner of Rivaliza, therefore, asked for to the youngster who asked for its hand in marriage, therefore its father although to be protectionistic, it would not deny its order. , Tone Cavalcante finally convinced for the young woman, decided to have a serious colloquy with the father of it, and was to obviously ask for the same hand of in marriage, promising the allegiance and that it takes care of