And, finally, given that even with these raised frames it is not enough to give automatic step to collective action, will need the so-called framework of motivation which include arguments, reasons that are going to put into action, thereby justified, and that will be perceived as injustice: in Haiti, gutting you the justificadores reasons to start the revolution. Toussaint box would be the replica to the liberty leading the people: presents a clear leader, there is order, emerges clearly, clear reasons (the symbol of the writing is very graphic and representative), etc. It existed, a rationalization of the movement, with ongoing discussions and requests a ideology and as in the case of France, subsequently joined other types of claims and groups that led after Yes to revolution and consequently that Haiti would be after us, the second country to get their independence. This movement, as opposed to French (mass type Le Bon-piano) and following the definition of Melucci, we could define it as a movement seeking the why. A phenomenon that has three dimensions: solidarity, is immersed in a conflict with opposition from opponents, seeks freedom of the majority of the people and the end of slavery, against the white oppressors. 1 Dupuy, J.P.

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