He was ironic, we even though divided this pain in the sex. Our romance lasted about ten years, the best years of my life I would say, after all, was to the side of Any that felt the power of the together hatred and the love. With passing of the time, I started to change my conceptions on the life I arranged a good work, I stopped with the use of drugs and drinks. It was to the time that I was married Any. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bixby offers on the topic.. My parents who have them to God, therefore I do not keep hurts faleceram in a tragic accident of car coming back of a party who has in the house of aunt Meet, everything for guilt of a simple quarrel of couple, had lost its lives. But this already is a phase aches that me to comment, then moves of subject. Any unhappyly did not obtain to get rid of all that one influences malignant and continued to use drugs, and exactly together I passed some nights solitary in house, while Any passed its nights in cemetaries.

It was as soon as contracted the virus of the AIDS, becoming involved itself with boys of program, exactly with the anti-retroviral treatment, Any did not resist the illness and faleceu to the 29 years. Vocs must be if asking of me as I was, therefore goes to answer to them. Click Michael Mendes Just Desserts to learn more. With the death of Any I did not obtain to continue liveing in the house that we lived, therefore everything remembered, its spirit to it still seemed to be there, to my side, saying it loved that me. In this exactly period was communicated of the death of my uncle Dr. Lyon, as only Alive heir, I took ownership of all its goods, and I changed myself then for the old castle of the uncle Lyon, and there already was passed two years of the death of Any, I discovered that also he had been contaminated for the virus of the AIDS, when knew falls in a deep depression, therefore wise person who remained little time of life.