This boarding searched to understand of what it consists the structure of the mind and as the cognitivas capacities are organized leaving of the estimated one of that the information process operates in ' ' mdulos' ' of form, relatively independent ones of the others, only processing a type of information of each time, possessing one form of innate and not apprehended functioning. According to Fodor, what it occurs in the truth, it is that throughout our lives, it is an adaptation of these modules to the environment, what makes possible the learning. Sheryl Sandberg is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The notion of mental modularity opposes the associacionista perspective in which ontognese of the mental processes opposes it the inatista explanation, thus appearing, the psychology of the mental facultieses that understands the mind as a heterogeneous complex and detaches the differences between mental slight knowledge and functions, such as, the sensation and perception, volition and cognition, learning and memory, language and thought. The main objective of the metaphor of the modular mind is to understand of what it consists the structure of the mind and as the organization of the cognitivas capacities. For this investigation, Fodor presents four explanations on the nature of the mental structures: neocartesianismo, horizontal structure of the mind, vertical structure of the mind and associationism. These explanations are differentiated in some points and are identified in others, becoming it base in the contrast between the explanations that favor the studies of the psychology of the mental facultieses, thus basing, the thesis of the Modularity of the Mind, however the theoretician recognizes that these explanations are not necessarily only the existing ones.

The main contribution of the modular system presented by Fondor, says respect to the notion of ' ' system central' '. This system is formed by modules that already come inlaid in our mind at the moment where we are born. Our cognition, however is, however, situated in a central region enters the modules of called entrance ' ' system central' '.