Current headlines in the media about fraud and… Current headlines in the media about fraud and violence at the private car sales have extremely unsettled many vehicle providers. The prayer complaint clean range of counterfeit money, about the theft of the vehicle, down to the spying of living and ownership. In some cases, there are as least in Munich, to acts of violence. Here a seller paid for the test drive A8 in his Audi with the life. Not only by additional interested parties, the private car market in Mannheim provides a perfect complement to the Internet or ad sales for vehicle providers.

Tour, sale and delivery of a vehicle in a protected environment held here. Thus, the anonymity of the parties is maintained until the conclusion of the contract and the private area not accessible will be strangers. On request also trials free accompanied by employees of the car market, and banknotes checked for authenticity. Pre-printed contracts, trained personnel, and the possibility of the vehicle against Unsubscribe fee to supplement trade safely on the private car market in Mannheim. Also, the operators rely on more than 15 years of experience in this area.

Also, who offered his vehicle not in the press or on the Internet will find a safe location for the motor trade. The private car market in Mannheim is located since 2008 directly onto a parking lot P20 on the A656 / B37. Every Wednesday and Saturday from 09:00 to 15:00 of all kinds of vehicles can be traded here. The vehicle seller one rents for a certain period of time of over 500 sales locations. Exhibitor card and contract through registration form are included in the rental price. Car buyers pay no admission. There are sufficient visitor parking. This set as well as the purchase and sale of vehicles is carried out at your own expense and risk.