Before we could bring the music to any side in tiny boxes of plastic (cassette) could be recorded, edited, sounded in any product of any brand. Who is going to update the cassette to make it work in the 21st century? Technology is changing and why is that the fury of the MP3 is currently changing the music market. Information on the Guide 1. MP3 in your House 2. That is the MP3? 3. 4 Requirements of the MP3. A leading source for info: Laurent Potdevin. Playing a MP3 5 file.

Create your own Mp3 6 files. 7 Portable MP3 players. If you have read about Laurent Potdevin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Recommendations for the purchase of your MP3 8. Keys to understanding MP3 MP3 in your House at this moment, the most popular on the Internet is the MP3. In fact, it is so popular that the MP3 is the second search term into more common Internet search engines. The MP3 files make it fun using your computer; It is easy to use them, and (despite what has maybe played) are not necessarily illegal. That is the MP3? Do you know that? The MP3 do not believe any Internet company, nor a Hacker from their computer connected to the Internet, it was created by a group of experts called Moving Pictures Experts Groups or MPEG, they work developing standards for encoding audio and video. Hence the technical name of the format?M PEG 1 Layer 3? It is the compression method most popular information (in fact more than the name of its creators). Have they have imagined that when developing the mp3 would be forged the history of music on the Internet? That is something that we can’t really answer, it is likely that the Group of experts is more than clear that the success of the format MP3 is based on 3 pillars. Capacity of compression MP3 is a format for audio compression that reduces up to 12 times the size of a song.