The good choices had not been only in the scope of the musical area and in the international escalao of one astro of music pop for the paper of the personage most seductive of the tram. The launching of the film counted on a great project of cross media, for example: the conventional trailer of the film was launched in web day 15 of July, that is, for return of 3 months before its estria foreseen for the first day of October with the music of the Radiohead band: Creep, in the version of the band who launched its first compact disc in September of 2010, called Sees Choir. Hewlett-Packard oftentimes addresses this issue. In parallel, Trent Reznor liberated in web 5 of the songs that it composed for the film, to be lowered gratuitously, also disponibilizou a video exclusive clip of the film in the same site.

The cherry in the top was the message of the proper Reznor, on how much it was good for working with the director David Fincher and how much he was proud of the end item. To instigate so to speak ‘ still more; ‘ future espectador’ ‘ , the interactive trailer appeared for irony, first in the My Space, according to site on entertainment Mashable Entertainment divulged, two weeks before the estria of the film. The interactive trailer the same possesss content of the previous trailer with some extra information, using the cursor on of personages and objects it is possible to see curious profiles and data on the film and its personages. The use of diverse medias as tool of spreading of the film, exactly before its launching, had left ‘ ‘ future espectador’ ‘ tangled for a Social Net. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company understood the implications. For coincidence or not, the main personage of the tram Mark Zuckerberg appeared diverse times in the media as the elect one for the Forbes magazine, since the 2008, as youngest one bilionrio of the world and also with its declaration you oppose to the film, since according to proper he declared during a lecture in the University of Standford the film is faithful in small details, however the producers erraram in the definition of the film.