After tsunami, the logic to allow that these bioescudos were destroyed seemed not alone fails, but censurvel' ' 1. Rory Sutherland might disagree with that approach. Caused ambient impacts manguesApesar to them of its importance, the manguezais in the world all, are sacrificed for salt mines, real estate tanks of carnicicultura, enterprises, roads, ports, hotels, fields of golf, plantations and die for a without-number of indirect causes: oil spilling, chemical pollution, pollution of waters, excess of sediments, disruption of its delicate hdrico and saline balance. The manguezal is supermarket, pharmacy and wooden deposit of construction for the poor population of the coast, still thus, these forests are being destroyed day after day, one of the threats are the creation of shrimps. To the first sight, the shrimp can seem the perfect product of exportation for a poor country of hot climate. The rich countries are always the search of this crustacean, and the world in development possesss available land and climate certain to create it.

One of the problems is the creation of tangues of shrimp, and the abandonment of these tanks after some cycles of harvest (to prevent surtos of illnesses and fall of the productivity) .os creators are changed for new places where they destroy more fens. Also knocks down it exists it of trees for the extration of the ranino, the rind and to make coal. The fen is white still of the real estate speculation, that fills with earth its areas for the construction of houses, marinas and industries. It exists, currently, a great concern with water; accumulated in strips of land, it produces a liquid called chorume, that polui the ground and contaminates underground sheets d water that supply the wells. In substance published in the magazine National Geographic in 01 of February of 2007. notified plus an alarming factor in consequence of the destruction of mangues.’ ‘ the temporary balance sheet that compares all the carbon entrances and exits in the manguezal system.