The corporeal presence is the best mode of presence, only when there is intercommunication. Therefore a corporeal physical presence must have a relationship between two people, but that intercommunication is a call and response, i.e. the person (and this is going to insist constantly), it is a call and the other person answers the call, is when such communication is established and is when there is one authentic presence of a person in front of the other person. It is then when the corporeal presence of the other ceases to be simply object or indifference, presence to become personal and human, communicative and enriching presence. However not all personal presence is classified with the highest degree of human presence, there is presence come conditioned, by the interest or selfishness, for work or for fun the maximum degree of personal presence is one that is based on love. I have applied the mutual communication and relational ability to host another in its own uniqueness, and the full acceptance of his being, that when there is an active personal presence, is when a person has a mutual between the two communication, one communicates to the other, his being, communicating its thinking, communicates his feelings, it communicates its concern, joy, sadness, but the other person has to receive everything what staff and also respond in the same key. It is when there is a personal presence and there is a relationship. The presence of two people depends on the intensity of the spiritual act by which they communicate, if one then communicates all a secret internal, there is something very deep, and the other person must believe that says a person who communicates the secret, one that therefore there is speech and another who believes and accepts and responds. To detect such intensity is necessary to assess the force the objective efficacy and the number of employees signs to communicate in such personal, human communication of those two people.