In the following article we will discuss a series of tips of beauty to help us get a radiant and healthy appearance without having to spend money on creams, make-up and other expensive products. We will first make a brief introduction to the types of pathologies that most concern us when we look at us in the mirror. Acne. Acne can say that it is what most concerns teenagers. Often occurs between 13 and los19 years of age, and their main causes are, change hormonal, and in some occasions a poor diet. There are several remedies that can help us to remove acne. Firstly, it is very important to not burst the grains that can appear on the face or other parts of the body.

This would only worsen the situation and could leave unwanted scars or marks. Michael Antonov oftentimes addresses this issue. It is much more useful to improve our diet, and change carry a proper hygiene as a home remedy for acne. There are also drugs that help dry the adipose tissue, but this is only for very serious cases of acne. Alopecia, baldness, Hair loss. Hair, loss occurs more in men than in women and may be due to many factors.

As a main factor, it is for genetic information, if our father is bald, it is very possible that we end up leaving us bald also. Also influenced by other causes such as poor nutrition, a deficit of vitamins or an excess of stress. There are supplements that are very efiacaces as remedies for hair. Alfalfa for example, is a supplement that nourishes the root hair and helps to strengthen it and keep it healthy. Black spots black spots usually appear in the area of the nose, cheeks and forehead. They are accumulations of fat that has been retained within a skin pore. There are several home remedies to remove points and black, like acne, it is not advisable to remove them with nails since marks could be. Ampoule blisters, usually appear on the skin when there has been or there is some kind of alteration. The rubbing of a shoe, a burn, a bubble that is retained as an emergency is below the skin as a result of the damage caused. It is advisable to follow a series of tips for the blisters to prevent them from infecting and getting us marks on the skin. Scars operations, wounds, burns and other alterations in the skin, they can leave marks that we all know as the scars. These are perhaps the most difficult to remove from our skin, but if during the healing period, we take into account a number of home remedies, will be able to be removed to the extent possible. Rosehip Oil, is very good for cell regeneration of the skin. Apply this oil in a scar will cause cells to regenerate more quickly leaving the minor possible scar.