And on the other hand there is a display case with a selection of chocolate cakes (immediately to see this difference, going directly to the showcase of chocolate cakes) * and in case outside little, a person who kindly describes you the best features of these cakes is approaching (tries to persuade you, describing which has a filling of Strawberry and a layer of chocolate) I am sure that not leave my business without buying your cake! As you can see, I try to identify people who are looking for a cake in celebration of a cake wishing for craving! Then with the image on the facade, a rich cake, my intention is increase the need to satisfy your craving! And try to persuade the purchase with a person that mention you the best features of the cake, which increases even more the possibility of buy that cake, obviously not going to say, where you buy flour, where baked or who makes the pie, who cares that? mentions that it is stuffed with Strawberry, with a layer of chocolate and Walnut waiting! do not go now for a cake, you can go later. lol only is joke you were to ask that he must see all this with an Internet business? I know that the topic has nothing to do, but what I want to go is to a secret that Online businesses do not share with anyone the Gurus profit that he is obtained to find the need of a person, using NeuroMarketing to increase interest in satisfying this need and simply solving that problem!.