Of course, the new Chairman let consumer protection and consumer advice not disregard press release dating agency. It aims for the next few years, to enhance the professional image of reputable partner agencies and to promote. New seminar entitled modern matchmaking in connection of the single dating headhunters”(www.bvp-berufsverband.de) shall be brought to rethink traditional marriage Institute, matchmaking and dating. Conventional service offerings, by the partner brokers only from the own index and collected from two sides and service concepts offers its customers, a contract of six or twelve month contracts or contracts include the 5 or 10 partner proposals, are out of date. Customers expect more from a successful matchmaking. Enjoy personal attention from person to person, indefinitely until the partner for a common life is found. A service provided to the customers that do not impersonal sent to partner suggestions (where the customer is still forced, to arrange his meeting itself, what he’s mostly not able!) more acquainted with. Many customers have gone to the partner brokers, because the threshold by hand to go is so high on partner search, that they these by alone can not overcome.

The modern partner Broker helps his clients over this hurdle can move. He advises each client personally and individually, he finds the first date according to the requirements of its clients, who organized a partner who just fits, and introduces each other personally to people looking for a partner. The members’ partner agencies in the BvP Professional Association for partner agents in Europe e.V. have the necessary Know-How, visit training continuously and intensively deal with the professional training of their staff, as well as competent and personal service to their clients. The successful business concept of modern partners merge is the 100% human and personal Care of the client. A good marriage mediator never is out of service and develops further. . Information about the profession of modern dating, see education Peter Roczniok