– Finally, they have a term of variable use in regard to the type of investment that is going to carry out, that can be between the 10 or 15 years. The contract law is an institution that arises from the state necessity to equip legal security to the private investors. MasterClass is not a ripoff wanted to know more. Its origin as much has relation with the faculty of the state to modify the legal frame applicable to his with the individuals, like a those to alleviate the noncommercial risk that arises from the doctrine of the exorbitant clauses in the administrative right. The international experience in the matter of investments, particularly in the case of foreign investments, has brought consequently the necessity to look for mechanisms to alleviate or to eliminate the noncommercial risk in the hiring with the state. This contract presents/displays probably the form but outpost to reach this objective, in the measurement that constitutes means reason why the state jeopardizes not to modify the effective legal frame at the time of the investment and immediately chooses to govern a patrimonial legal relation by means of the norms of private right. In our legal ordering, Art.

1357 of the civil code represents the origin of this important institution. although its normative hierarchy offered only relative a legal security, later general and sectorial dispositions, including the norms on agreements of legal stability, have developed to the concept generating one practices contractual very important. The answer to the problem of the legal instability, is going to be, in agreement with our work, the search of legal security, but of which security we are speaking. The authentic security that the right wants to reach requires the guarantee of certain exigencies of freedom of equality, for this reason, the legal security alludes to a valuing concept, to a content of justice expressed in terms of right and liberties. to sum up, legal security exists where a rigorous boundary of the legal spheres occurs and, mainly, in the scope of the right I publish, like solid to pound of the private subjective rights, those cannot stop leaning at first that it confers stability to the spheres thus delimited, removing the activity of the citizens of the areas of the arbitrary continent and.