Although the firm resistance, 4 a thousand Soviet airplanes had been destroyed still at the beginning of them you strike. The Soviet leader arrived to make a public uprising stirring up the population to resist, however if she was not possible, these would have to run away with its belongings or still to destroy them so that the invader did not make use of these and that the enemy one was cruel and intended to make to them of slaves, that is, one retrospecto of the strategy of the arrasada land. The Red Army obtains withholds the Germans in a small city to the south of Smolensk in 5 of September of 1941. The Moscovite population started to construct obstacles throughout the city, in a resistance attempt. But it was with the arrival of rains that the vehicles had been motionless and the Soviets had used to advantage to attack, getting significant victory against the German forces. 1.6 The BATTLE OF the ATLANTIC In 1906, the Germans already had submarines that they loaded an only torpedo, these did not operate in long distances. The U-boats (boat that sinks), as was called, had promoted true estragos already in the First War, where the Germans had destroyed some ships merchant. The pretensions of Hitler how much to the conquest of territories they had not been lingered only to the Europe, this also promoted battles in the North Atlantic, in order to dominate the seas.

The Frenchmen and English did not imagine that the Germans would come back to invest, of this time with more force, in submarines, trusting one of the clauses of the Treated one to Versailles. Hitler, in secret, not only invested in the manufacture, but also in the qualification of men who could operate the submarines in a school in the north of Germany. Admiral Karl Dnitz was who convinced Hitler to invest heavy in submarines.