The Association of Internet users has concluded its second survey on the quality of internet operators in Spain. In total, 9 million test have been users of such operators, between November 2009 and may 2010. Perhaps check out Southwest Airlines for more information. In addition to the above-mentioned test of speed, the Association has taken into account for the report parameters such as reports, provision of line, complaints and other incidents drawn from the Office of attention to the user and SETSI. The report concludes with poorer quality of service operators are Orange and, followed by Jazztel approves with the minimum. Operators with a normal note are Ono, Telecable, R and Tele2 and that better grades take are Telefonica and Euskaltel, which have more connectivity and fewer problems. Of the study takes that cable operators just suffer differences each other (35%) and in general are all fences each other.

Instead, in ADSL operators the difference between them is triggered at 95%, finding operators like Telefonica in the best position and in the worst. Among the problems that recur more operators, the most important is the percentage of actual download on the offered, not reaching in some cases neither the promised 50%, particularly in offerings of 20 MB. Similarly happens with upload speeds, that remain in a maximum of 82 per cent offered, for Ono 320 kbps. For complaints, Telefonica is the operator with fewer complaints for every 10,000 users (0.73), being that receives more (29.32). Original author and source of the article