The current city is unthinkable without the radiant points of promotional designs. Billboards and banners of various shades of the rainbow is firmly settled in the urban landscape. Flaring in the evening bright neon labels – Is a traditional symbol of the big cities. Aesthetic effects are, of course, are secondary. In billboards and light boxes are to a large extent the practical purpose – to promote products and services. The sheer number and they have a lot of modifications, and in fact any object advance necessary for the specific plane. As the experience of Ukrainian ra MediMapa for various firms, characterized by its own specific advertising. For large organizations as appropriate placement of outdoor advertising giant of the central squares.

If it is not very large business, then it will be enough to book outdoor advertising such as signs or install advertising poster near the organization. The first promotional design appropriate to classify the features and install them. They can be divided into stationary and portable. To the former belong to the boards (billboards) firewalls, citylights, various signs and others. To portable platforms rank as pillars, light stelae brendmobili and even such unusual media such as sandwich barter. News Outdoor Advertising permanently inform us on innovative inventions in this field. If the ads posted on the free-standing structure, despite its high cost, it will provide a greater return. It is divided into two main types – the boards and light. Particular subgroup are banners and banners. Typically, in our cities can be seen billboards 3×6 m.