Europe Tournament

Three 'bronze' got a loser in the semifinals of their categories champion 2009 European Arsen Galstyan (60 kg) from Maikop, winner of the European Youth Championship and the tournament in Rio Musa Mogushkovu (66) of the Tumen and the owner of 'bronze' world championship Mansur Isaev (73) from Chelyabinsk. Two more awards – 'bronze' and 'silver' – the Russian team completed the piggy bank for the second day of the tournament. The third winner of the competition was Dagestani Magomedov (81 kg), losing in the semi-finals on the comments of the vice-champion of the 2009 World Koreans Kim. A silver medalist of world championships Kirill Denisov (90) from met in the final with a world leader rating list, the winner of the tournament 'Grand Slam' in Moscow and Tokyo, the Japanese Ono. Five minutes of normal time took place in a high pace, given Russian.

However, throwing Denisov did not get a decent end, and hence ratings. The fate of the 'gold' solved 'Golden fast', where It was luckier. Russia coach Ezio Gamba was pleased with the performance of their wards. Major ratings race for Olympic licenses will begin in spring European Championships in Vienna. In early 2010, our team traveled to the mountains of Austria, a small training camp. Directly from Europe, Russians came to Korea to a different time and climate zone to address the 'Masters' which were seen as another step in preparation for the main start of the new season.

The success of our team is not only a colossal work of athletes and coaches. Everyone knows that elite sport requires constant financial investments – trips to overseas tournaments and training camps, the work of specialists, medical care – all require money. Long-term cooperation Judo Federation of Russia and its general partner – Group of companies 'Coalco' – allows national team specifically to prepare for the Olympic Games in 2012, staying focused on the decision not related to sports issues. From the Korean national team will return to base in Adler to prepare for tournaments new season, the events of February which will be 'grand slam' in Paris.

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Market Characteristics

Demand far exceeds supply Dubai – the emirate's eponymous capital and largest city of the uae, trade, financial and tourist center of the Middle East. More and more people are choosing Dubai as a place of work and recreation. Results of the study Wealth Ranking Survey, conducted by the International League of buyers abroad (NatWest International), suggests that immigrants earn in Dubai on average 40% more than their fellow citizens, working at home. 2025 year, the city planned to build another 3 thousand skyscrapers for residential and office space. Modern Dubai is one of the most attractive places on the planet. And not the last factor, which increases its investment value, is that for at least the next decade the demand for first-class residential property here will exceed supply.

Fastest growing economy in the world for speed of development Dubai compared to Shanghai, though, unlike the latter, the population of Dubai, according to 2006 was 1.4 million. However, today, Dubai – the third most important re-export center in the world (after Hong Kong and Singapore). By projected that by 2010 the population of Dubai will increase to 2.5 million people, mostly thanks to foreign specialists and professionals from various fields, emigrating to Dubai City and nearby areas, such as Umm al-Quwain. Dubai is a modern dynamic business center and recreation area. Its success to Dubai in part due to the favorable location would facilitate trade with Europe, Asia, Africa and Russia, in addition, it is in the heart of the oil-rich Gulf region. Many major financial institutions are opening their offices in Dubai and Northern Emirates, followed their example and leading corporations such as Microsoft, Siemens, Haliburton, and many others.

Northern Emirates of Ras Al and Umm al-Quwain is gaining reputation as the most attractive places for local and international investors in real estate, where over the past 5 years, capital growth has exceeded 300%. Experts in the field International Real Estate compare term buying property in Ras Al and Umm Al-Quwain with buying property in Dubai five-ten years ago. Dynamic interweaving of business and leisure Dubai City combines advantages of popular entertainment and cutting-edge business center. Thanks to the well-known throughout the world construction projects, including the famous high-rise hotels Burj Al-Arab, or "sail", man-made archipelagos Palms and The World, the city can compete with the major metropolises of the world, comparing favorably with the excellent climate all year round. Dubai is fast becoming one of the largest malls in the world. Unique conditions have property in Dubai the most attractive destination for investments in the world. In the coming years is expected robust growth in property prices in the region, economists predict strong economic development of the Emirates Dubai's economic development is accompanied by a boom in the housing market growth in property prices affect neighboring towns such as Umm Al-Quwain and Ras Al , the location of the town is ideal for co-operation with both the East and West Avtor – Aleksandr Spiridonov

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Administrative Principle

– (Art. 1006) The insurance contract is written evidence, by the policy. But others are admitted evidence, provided there is written proof principle. a Legislation aplicableo Commercial Code-> common law of insurance Insurance Act No. 1883rd SOAT Supreme Decree No. 25785th Regulation of collective security. – Resolution 172 of April 16, 2001.

Eg Teachers Insurance for a Mass Marketing Insurance Universidado. – Administrative resolution of July 19, 2000 amended 2001. SOAT eg principle of mutuality. – Insurance contracts are necessarily governed by the principle of mutuality, this means that the insurance contract is negotiated between the community of interest between the insured and the insurer. a This creates a mutual benefit theory, which originates from a legal business of a private nature, but with impact of public policy, requiring that the state protects the interests of this community of insured. a In itself, the principle of mutuality provides mutual benefits between the two sides of the insurance contract in which the development and increased profits (liability insurance, and reduced premiums) focuses on attracting more customers or policyholders to get well, largest reserves in premiums, which all of them bear the risks insured community.

A is clearly established that all insured loss of all pay, and the insurance company pays nothing. Only community regulate this risk, for insured benefits, such capital investing technical reserves of premiums on safe investments offering you the law of insurance, state Ex buying debts or bonds. This will allow the investment to protect the community of insured persons and their interests.

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Integration Strategy Board Coporate Performance Survey

McKinsey & Co. analyzed more than one hundred M & A large-sized globally produced during the nineties, obtaining conclusions represent a harsh reality: a five years of these procurement processes, 60% had not yet produced returns above the cost of capital to finance the purchase. The main causes were found, inter alia, problems of cultural integration, overestimation of synergies and projections overly optimistic. Likewise, another of the “Big Five” consulting, Accenture, in its study “Integration Strategy Board Coporate Performance Survey 2006, ranked cultural integration as the most influential factor in a successful integration, with 32% of the total, followed by a clear organizational structure with 31%. Another study, entitled “M & A after Borders: Opportunities and Risks” held in March 2008 by Marsh, Mercer and Kroll and Economist Intelligence Unit, 50% attributed to cultural differences in the organization when carrying out a takeover or merger.

The cultural barrier strong influence on the work of people and hence the productivity and financial performance. For these reasons, should be considered a cultural project of integration, when international mergers and acquisitions in question. Time must be provided for construction of a vision of how the company wants to be seen in the market, or his trademark style in how to conduct internal and external activities, skills and people skills required to bring these concepts future, the kinds of support systems and technologies, structures and values..

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The Basics

Anyone who is interested in investing should be aware of the basics of money management and finances.  One of the most important aspects of investing is the risk involved. Most of the time first time investors avoid those investments that are considered too risky. Not until they know the way of the financial world, and the amount of risk their personalities and pocketbooks can tolerate is it advised to attempt anything but the safest investments.

The following is a list of the safest investments in which you can place your money. Don’t expect great returns, but you can expect no loss of capital and steady gains over time.

  • Savings Bonds can be obtained from the US treasury. Low risk but high safety, unless you think the US is about to go bankrupt.
  • Mutual funds are a safe way to invest in the stock market and /or bond market. They are less subject to the ups and downs of Wall Street because the investments are usually highly diversified. Mutual funds are available in a variety of risk levels, depending on the types of companies invested in and the degree to which the investments are diversified.
  • High interest savings accounts are available at your local bank, or can be opened over the internet. Watch out for high fees for making transactions from or to these accounts
    • Money market funds can be long or short term and yield low interest rates in return for the favor of allowing the treasury to use your money. They are quite low risk, but usually yield higher interest than a typical savings account in a bank.

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