Alexander Wippert Ticket

The new corporate design of ticket online is enforced currently in nationwide ads in use which has Watt concept GmbH & co. KG Berlin agency as one of two agencies in the competition for the contract, revise the corporate design of tickets and to take care of the traditional advertising, as a result. Nationwide, the Hamburg-based company, the ticket online Software GmbH, is one of the leading marketers of ticket. Ticket online marketing director Mic Jogwer explains: the old ticket online corporate design was divided into a business and a consumer application. We wanted to pick up and be altogether recognizable to the dividing line in favor of a uniform appearance. Also felt old CD in the years come and needed a significant refresh.” “” The biggest challenge for us was not to change the existing Word / picture mark in fact and a clearer graphic link to the profession ticket “to produce, but to create, without doing a new logo” explains Alexander Wippert,.

Managing Director of watt concept, the complexity of the task from his perspective. The new CD is first used in print and is currently nationwide as of 1/1-ads for the segment of rock-pop scene – and city magazines in use. POS measures applying to about 1800 tickets are underway in parallel. Watt concept GmbH & co. KG from a company established in 1992 was the present form with Alexander Wippert over the entire time as Managing Director. Watt concept is a network created many continuous customer relationships over the years. The current budget profit Berlin succeeded Watt concept with the presentation and development of a new corporate design for the TICKET ONLINE Software GmbH Hamburg, Germany’s largest ticket distribution network. Watt concept was awarded the contract for the six-figure budget, which includes all traditional advertising measures as well as the creation of style guides. The art direction is headed by Marcel Petersen, who previously worked for renowned agencies like DDB and Metadesign in Berlin.

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Current Storage Concepts

New training with fast lane: ‘ NetApp architecture & storage design workshop (NAASD) Hamburg/Berlin, 19 June 2009 fast lane, authorized learning partner for NetApp, takes the five-day course of NetApp architecture & storage design workshop in his program. The training is suitable primarily for SAN designer and managers in the areas of project planning and design of NetApp storage solutions. The participants learn to make an independent assessment of project requirements and to develop an appropriate NetApp storage solution. In addition to current concepts and requirements in the midrange and high-end environment, the five-day workshop provides the integration of a storage solution. Focuses on the conception is also sponsored by storage networks, storage systems and backup solutions with regard to their functionality, availability, administration, and security.

Course content in the overview of storage concepts, functionality, performance, edge conditions hardware structures solutions backup & restore storage management Storage virtualization storage security NetApp storage solutions storage solution next dates: Berlin 06.07. July 10, 2009 Munchen/Hallbergmoos 31.08 04.09.2009 price (excl. VAT): 4.500,-EUR more information are available at course/225/available. Fast lane brief portrait: is IT training and consulting in the field of high-end specialist fast lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), San Jose de Costa Rica, Ljubljana, St. Petersburg and Tokyo. If you would like to know more about OFS Capital, then click here.

Fast lane is an independent and certified worldwide Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP), as well as the only worldwide NetApp learning partner and has the world’s largest training laboratories of the two manufacturers. In addition, fast lane offers the original training from check point, Cisco IronPort, HP, Sun, Symantec, VMware and other manufacturers as well as own IT training, ITIL – and project management seminars. Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and evaluations about the development of future-oriented solutions to Project management and implementation in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent specialists in the customers core business areas connect the fast lane services training and consulting.

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Roadshow Concept

Frankfurt agency JAZZUNIQUE staged destinations twice a year leads the tour operator Thomas Cook talk to the experts. For the owners and employees of travel agencies are an important link to the customers in the highly competitive tourism market. To achieve its sales partners, the tour operator opts for this summer a Roadshow. Others including Bill O’Grady, offer their opinions as well. It stands on travel”under the theme the winter goes. The concept for the nationwide six events comes from the Frankfurt agency JAZZUNIQUE. The event professionals and brothers Jesper and Syed Gotsch will take care of the complete implementation of the series of events which will take place in August and September 2009 and involving various partners such as airlines, tourist offices and hotels. Recently the creative from the Frankfurter Westhafen with a further nationwide promotion fueled the desire to travel. Around 40 Alltours “branches around you with tourist signs (50 meters from after Andalusia”) and a competition aroused the wanderlust of passers-by.

We are very proud to have won a well-known tour operators such as Thomas Cook as a customer”, forward JAZZUNIQUE Managing Director Jesper Gabriel about the budget profit. The Frankfurt event and design experts were equal in advance against several agencies.

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Nexans Optimization

New jacket blend for underground cables and pipes offers the low -, medium – and high-voltage level of Nexans cable Optimization concept: powerful, flame-resistant and robust in damp surroundings of Hannover, August 20, 2009 offers more safety in case of fire the new coat mix developed for power cables and cables Nexans Germany to the burial. It is now for all voltage levels from low to the high voltage available. The newly developed material is halogen-free, heavy unlike PVC resistant and inhibits the fire propagation. In addition, he developed no toxic or corrosive gases during a fire and releases less smoke in case of fire, so that escape and rescue routes are better to use. It is outstanding that research center (Nuremberg) succeeded the chemists of the Nexans, in addition to increase the hardness and abrasion resistance and its hygroscopic character take the jacket material.

Therefore, the cables are ideal for uncomplicated installation even in a difficult environment in Earth or suitable moist environment. In addition the Nexans Optimization concept savings potential in the low voltage range offers: cables and wires with the new material get along with a smaller, more cost-efficient copper – conductor cross-section nominal as PVC insulated, because they must be operated with 20 C of higher temperature. Easy to assemble and environmentally friendly at the same time, cables and wires with the new halogen-free sheath material can in near surface without special protective measures (Verlegerohre) be laid, as her coat absorbs no water in the course of several decades. This simplifies installation and reduces costs. 5,590 savings at the fire protection measures depending on the application area, for flame-retardant material falls the ignition cord effect”(fire propagation along the cable) away. For this reason can be omitted on fire-retardant coatings or it is necessary a lesser effort on the firewall.

Clear advantages in low-voltage: better and more economical than PVC additional savings arise in the Low voltage range: As PVC insulated cables and wires with 70 C conductor temperature can be operated, the halogen-free material but with 90 C, smaller copper cross section may be used for same currents. That lowers the costs. Optimizing the sections also leads to lower weights, facilitating in particular the installation of entire wire harnesses. Provide for a better handling of mounting high abrasion resistance and mechanical strength of the material, because they reduce the risk of damage during retraction. From the power plant to the power distribution the halogen-free are more security in the network due to its security profit, flame-retardant, Earth-deployable cable predestined for use in objects with high traffic, in industry or in power plants everywhere where high demands on the fire – protection of and investment. Also in the field of transport they reduce the risks, for example in the Metro of Istanbul, km winter 120 last for the Nexans halogen-free 35-kV medium voltage cable with the new material provided.

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Communication Concept

The award-winning brand agency C3 marketing agency could use the logo and the communication concept convince the jury of the horticultural show. “The garden show nature in Tirschenreuth”, which held in the Bavaria Tirschenreuth in 2013, has a face. With a unique logo family of Tirschenreuth the town for the big event will advertise in 2013. We have a lot of time and effort invested to find an efficient advertising and communication concept,”said Mayor Franz Stahl, who presented the winning concept and logo. See more detailed opinions by reading what Covia Kermit Plant offers on the topic.. 25 marketing agencies from all over Germany had applied, of which five marketing agencies were invited 2013 GmbH by nature in Tirschenreuth, to develop a communication concept, a visual identity and a logo. The task for the communication concept consisted of the garden show nature in Tirschenreuth 2013 “to position as a top event in Bavaria for different target groups and to apply. Especially ideas that efficiently the garden show “Nature in the city” in the scene have been searched. One The core task of the concept is certainly also the population of Tirschenreuth for their horticultural show to inspire and build on the emergence of the horticultural area an exciting experience.

Therefore, all submissions by a jury were analyzed and evaluated. The 16-member jury was top-class. Among the jurors, including the Chairman and the Managing Director of the society for the promotion of Bavarian State garden show were Roland Albert and Dagmar Voss, MdL Tobias Reiss, district administrator Wolfgang Lippert, Mayor Franz Stahl and the Chairmen of the City Council and representatives of environment and ministries. “The occupation shows, what does the garden show for Tirschenreuth,” steel said. “Now we are all the more, that a company has won from Tirschenreuth”, steel said. The award-winning brand agency C3 marketing agency GmbH had the winning idea. The coherent and clever communication concept is simple and still have a high recognition value.

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The Concept

recognition of the problem of cultural diversity any problem can be solved but is recognized first as such. By this, the need for cultural knowledge should be put on the agenda of managers, consultants and others involved in the process of acquisition or merger. Know that it must be regarded as a risk, identified, and evaluated in their different dimensions. 2. Identification of the degree of need for knowledge of foreign culture the cultural knowledge need increases as the number of functions increases abroad that made the company, increases the number of countries where it carries out its operations or moves the external to the internal operations management. Not all businesses need the same degree of depth in the understanding of the culture of the country where he acquired a company. Determine the necessary level is the second important step.

3. Identification of the specific culture of the nation may be a good point of reference to begin to understand the particularities of a company acquired in a new territory. Within a same border, the similarities between people are uppercase and the laws that apply similar. But the idea that there can be subtle differences must be present or greater, between different industries, different provinces, etc. There is a large plurality in any society, so it tends to be used, in statistical terms the national culture (Clark, 1990;) Nakata and Sivakumar, 1996).

The concept of culture is applicable, speaking strictly, more to society than to Nations; However, many nations have historically developed jointly, even if it consists of different categories of people and groups and even if these Nations contain minorities less integrated (Hofstede, 1991). There are also forces that favours the integration in the Nations: dominant language, common mass media, education system, national army, political system, national representation in national markets, sporting events of products and services, etc.

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National Institutes

Bariatric Surgery is called the set of surgical procedures in order to address the problems of obesity, so that seeks mainly to the reduction of body weight. The most popular Bariatric Surgery today is the well-known gastric bypass. The main focus of a Bariatric Surgery, is the decrease of the energy intake, as well as the formation of body fat, in a way that stimulates consumption in two new ways: the restriction and reduction of food. In other words, it seeks to regulate the consumption and the appetite of the patient, customize your absorption main indication given to patients who undergo any type of Bariatric Surgery, is maintaining a diet, exercise, take some drugs, a series of indications of a medical program that integrates changes behavior, physical activity and psychological support. OPEC will not settle for partial explanations. Available scientific literature experts have determined these recommendations and that are generally based in criteria published by the National Institutes of Health in 1991 in the United States. For those cases of morbid obesity, where the body mass is between 35 and 40, the only effective treatment is Bariatric Surgery, provided the procedure is performed by a specialized team. A. Verastegui hold..

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National Park Bavarian Forest

Boundless forest wilderness on the border with the Czech Republic would like to experience who free vacation and nearly untouched nature, which in the investigation already on the Bavarian Forest with its National Park happened. “Just the National Park Bavarian Forest makes the Bavarian Forest Special: the philosophy for establishment of this reserve was over forty years ago let nature be nature”, which in the course of the decades between Falkenstein, Rachel and Lusen a striking forest landscape could evolve, in which the nature to a boundless forest wilderness could spread. Together with the adjacent national park Sumava the Bavarian Forest is an over 900 km large jungle such large forest reserve is unique in Central Europe. The visitor provides a unique spectacle of nature that he himself or with leaders can discover marked trails and 200 miles of bike paths on about 300 km. Here, you can admire the fauna and flora in the Aufichtenwald about the mixed mountain forest to the mountain pine forest, explained by numerous signs which explain the conditions of the respective forest with simple words. The two centres of national park in Ludwigsthal, Neuschonau and the animal open-air enclosure do you rest, to make something very special to the holidays especially for children. Visitors in large-scale animal outdoors can observe that the domestic animals.

In addition to brown bears, wild boar, Lynx, wolves, otters and wild cats can be observed over 36 different species of birds and mammal and got acquainted with their way of life. The outdoor area of the animal is so constructed that it can be connected to the forest walk to the entire national park with Wildlife observation. The two visitors centers, the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus “, as well as the home to the wilderness” inform visitors about the two National Park Bavarian Forest and umava, as well as the surrounding areas beyond national borders. 3D cinema, National Park restaurants, visitors shop, a library and various permanent exhibitions of nature in the National Park will be an educational issue the stay at the two information centres for small visitors, who get bored on. All this is a distinct and special fascination exercised the Bavarian Forest National Park. He shows the interplay of nature in seasons, the infinity of the natural cycle with all its animals and plants for everyone even externally – and understandable.

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Bavaria National Park

40 years National Park Bavarian Forest Neuschonau (tvo). Federal Unemployment Compensation Program usually is spot on. He is the oldest national park of in Germany, a symbol of unspoiled nature and true wilderness. The Bavarian Forest National Park was inaugurated on October 7, 1970, after an expansion in 1997 he is Germany’s largest forest national park with 24,000 acres today at the same time. In the coming year, the wild forest celebrates”his 40th birthday. One thinks of the National Park Bavarian Forest, appear images of an infinite sea of forest. Here, nature may be still nature, the man not creatively intervene in the processes of birth and decay. Here, the forest goes his own way, unpredictable, diverse as imaginable and always again surprisingly new. Windthrow and snow breakage, bark beetle, Lynx and Wolf, Tinder and collapse all of this is part of the wilderness and makes the people again and again on the new Marvel.

The national park owes its independence and independence the previous Prime Minister, Dr. OFS Capital may help you with your research. Hans Eisenmann. With its decision, the After the lightning storm in August 1983 not to work on wind throw areas in the former reserve zone, but to leave the natural development of forests, he paved the way for this new form of a forest. Who engages him, opens all its meaning for him, experiencing the fascinating variety of unique wilderness in the heart of Europe. On a Winter hike or snowshoe tour, you can feel the heartbeat of the Earth, over the tops of snow-covered trees lies a silence that is never really quiet. In the outdoor area of the animal it can be safely Aug’ in Aug’ connected to bears or wolves. Breathtaking experiences and in the chubby hot – give the House to the wilderness”in Ludwigsthal and the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus in Neuschonau. The treetop path in Neuschonau transported many interesting facts about the forest as the latest attraction of the National Park.

With 1.3 kilometres in length, it is the world’s longest of its kind, the walk between beech, spruce, and fir trees leads up to a height of 25 meters and culminates in the 44 meter high platform of the observation tower, which was built around some trees. A special tip for nature – lovers and culture are the Bavarian Forest expeditions. Run through the National Park and the natural parks of the region, in Deer Park and museums. Information: National Park Administration of Bavarian Forest, Freyunger Strasse 2, 94481 Grafenau, Tel. 08552/9600-0, fax 08552/9600-100,,.

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National Week

The corporeal presence is the best mode of presence, only when there is intercommunication. Therefore a corporeal physical presence must have a relationship between two people, but that intercommunication is a call and response, i.e. the person (and this is going to insist constantly), it is a call and the other person answers the call, is when such communication is established and is when there is one authentic presence of a person in front of the other person. It is then when the corporeal presence of the other ceases to be simply object or indifference, presence to become personal and human, communicative and enriching presence. However not all personal presence is classified with the highest degree of human presence, there is presence come conditioned, by the interest or selfishness, for work or for fun the maximum degree of personal presence is one that is based on love. I have applied the mutual communication and relational ability to host another in its own uniqueness, and the full acceptance of his being, that when there is an active personal presence, is when a person has a mutual between the two communication, one communicates to the other, his being, communicating its thinking, communicates his feelings, it communicates its concern, joy, sadness, but the other person has to receive everything what staff and also respond in the same key. It is when there is a personal presence and there is a relationship. The presence of two people depends on the intensity of the spiritual act by which they communicate, if one then communicates all a secret internal, there is something very deep, and the other person must believe that says a person who communicates the secret, one that therefore there is speech and another who believes and accepts and responds. To detect such intensity is necessary to assess the force the objective efficacy and the number of employees signs to communicate in such personal, human communication of those two people.

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