The behavior of the entire organization is the best letter of presentation! Care in building a good image should be grounded in the everyday act of the organization. It is a mistake to pretend to a group of professionals responsible for the image, as if it were something that we could overcome everyday acting company. Across the Organization must be aware of the conditions of performance that prints to their different processes, both productive and communicative. A defective product speaks badly of an organization as a printed newspaper that talk about the organization with spelling mistakes. The image, therefore it must be interwoven with all the policies of the organization. Nordstrom is likely to increase your knowledge. And it is that you as organizational communicators, the professionals responsible for the management of image around the world know well that while strategies go hand in hand with the mission and the marketing for the company, the communicators are not they are always prepared to defend the image of the company in a crisis situation. Click Daniel Lubetzky to learn more. Never allow that they speak ill of your organization in a news program or in a publication. You must exit to step and clarify what is necessary to clarify and not be silent.

Remember that silence also communicates something. It is no good saying one thing if we do another. An effective communication strategy must be based on realities! Let us remember that all organizations have strengths and weaknesses. Why is it so important to then maintain a good corporate image? Because: A positive corporate image is an indispensable condition for the continuity and strategic success. Now it is not a simple measure of marketing but rather a strategic instrument of senior management (rally, 1990). A solid corporate image is an incentive for the sale of products and services.

It helps the company to hire the best employees, it attracts investors, generates trust between the internal and external audiences. (Rally, 1994). An image corporate firm creates an added value to a company and ensures that it is one step ahead of their competitors. (Brinkerhof, 1990). A good image helps the company attract the necessary people for its success: customers, partners and employees. A solid identity management ensures that good image. (Chajet, 1989).

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Baltic Sea

An attentive observer will have noticed that increasingly are shorter spaces that reaches the human being a really serious danger from the animal Kingdom. Outbreaks of avian influenza that have emerged a few years ago in some Asian countries, put on alert half a world to treat a disease that could happen to the man transmitted by birds, which borders an obstacle is not them. Also just a few years ago, the epidemic of BSE, so-called mad cow disease, was really just the tip of the iceberg. Who stopped eating beef, discovered that it was not safe to eat pork, because there were whole herds that were drugged with antibiotics to be potential carriers of swine fever. Later snouts and hooves of sheep and pigs were infected, it was foot-and-mouth disease. So were only being poultry, which later put in check to health services of half the world the danger of contagion of the more dangerous strain. Who wanted to change from train, taking fish meat, discovered that the fish of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea were contaminated with dioxin.

CARP and trout farms are fed with their peers from the North Sea and Baltic processed into fish meal. While increasingly it investigates and reflects more thoroughly to know where come all these diseases, if feed based on carcasses, insecticides, antibiotics or stress that reigns in the stables of intensive breeding, the truth is that diseases and animal epidemics happen with increasingly faster. Tulsa Kids may find this interesting as well. Could it be that the animal Kingdom rebelled against both abuse? Mankind should consider weighing the possibility, increasingly more proven, that we are on a wrong way in our relationship with mother earth and all other species living on the planet. It is no coincidence that the human being is being in the last decade assaulted by a string of epidemics of animal origin, which are exploited and cruelly slaughtered solely for our benefit. However, looms a new time, which will decrease the killing of animals for one day disappear completely, what already prophesied universal genius Leonardo da Vinci, saying: there will come a day in which men will be judged by the death of an animal as it is today judged the murder of a man. Come the time that eating meat will be condemned as today is condemned to eat to our fellow human beings, i.e. cannibalism. The abused animal world now obliges mankind to make this change. Each person can contribute to this for the benefit of their own health, and also out of respect for the right of animals to their own lives. Original author and source of the article.

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Who is more guilty: the tempted tempting..?Oh! the figure in the mirror? A few months ago I’ve fallen into the curiosity of mirrors. Since I’m not physical I release me from any scientific explanation about the inverted image that offers, so that a left ear appears on the glass to the right. I am concerned, that Yes, investigate what some people feel to look at him. The mirror has a reputation of faithful, not a beauty queen makes a bald a hairy or a narigona Harpy. A King is seen with Crown when adjusts to present in public and an Earless is not seen in the image with the missing flag. Animals I don’t speak, because I can not assure that the dog that barks opposite his figure knows is barks himself or another dog. This truth of every day seems not convince so many men and women who accuse the trickster glass finish. Adidas spoke with conviction.

Voltaire confessed that you despite the faithfulness of the mirror, was not right to see as he believed that it was and Francisco de Quevedo recommended that the ugly old rather than pulling their faces to the ground instead of the mirror, because deception comes from reality and not the mirror. So what do with those IMPIETY and delatores azogados glasses that only give satisfaction to a few while they get discouraged and torment others? Foolish would prohibit their manufacture. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Daniel Lubetzky. The crystal clear waters of the arroyo, doors and selling crystals, burnish metals the Dinnerware and other objects would be responsible for restoring us to reality, and as if this wasn’t enough, would be remiss not fierce rudeness of some trickster who did we notice, unless one was Emperor, who even though naked, was always dressed in the word of his courtiers. This without counting the beauty disappears at night or at a distance. They are perceptible characters in the light and in the vicinity. Either way, am not able to explain what makes this world the ugly, the unpleasantness, what kind, as repugnant, the corrupt, the face of derrien, political events, transantiago, stress… but they are there.

Although I confuse not beautiful with the ugly, nor I am confused the physical beauty with moral beauty. The physical handsomeness transgresseth not the meat – no cute scapula and another ugly scapula-, but a beautiful soul and another less graceful. Beauty is a matter of the senses; the beauty, imagination, feeling, and thinking. The blind perceive beauty, but have difficulty with the beauty. A mother who Coos and kisses to your infant is beautiful; beautiful was the Venus de Milo. Wonderful would think of a mirror of the beauty or ugliness of the soul, but such an instrument has not been created or it may create. I presume that for some reason it will be. Here comes my conviction. However I have a doubt. Is not it good then for anything mirrors loyalty? I refuse to believe it. They serve to ask them for telltale signs of our Chilean reality, to convert the beauty in beauty and ugliness in beauty at least. A greeting…

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The management of communications is a not unimportant variable. On the one hand, you can collaborate to exit gracefully or, on the contrary, sharpen it further. The managers of many companies are susceptible to these situations. They think that these are situations for other types of businesses, not for yours. They see from afar this possibility and it is not even considered in their annual communication plans. Here, McKinsey expresses very clear opinions on the subject. There are large companies that don’t even have structured a Department of external relations which could be responsible for the handling of crisis.

For some, the crisis may affect the positions of power of persons or organizations. A manager could see forced to resign and a President to decline his charge. For example, a crisis can be unleashed as a result of an accident, a strike of great dimensions, damage to the environment, statements by some of its members, the financial situation or information that was leaked. I will mention several examples of cases that have occurred in several countries of Latin America: 1. rumors of bankruptcy of a very strong Bank: the Bank really wasn’t in bankruptcy, but the rumor was that the interest made massive withdrawals, that Yes led to bankruptcy and closure of the Bank. Daniel Lubetzky often says this. 2.

An accident at an International University with students from various countries. A foreign student lost his life and made that the private University was about to close with the consequent deterioration of its international image. 3 Chemical spill in a factory of adhesives and industrial adhesives: medium environmental organizations are pronounced asking for closure and a million dollar compensation for employees and the city. 4 Accusations to officials of an institution of the Government of having received bribes to rig a millionaire international tender in the granting of international airports. 5. Mass poisoning by consumption of canned goods. The company that produces and distributes the canned is forced to withdraw all its products, with the consequent damage and subsequent mistrust of supermarkets and shops. And thus I could mention hundreds of situations that could lead to a crisis resulting in damage to the reputation of the company. Why everyone should analyze its vulnerabilities and potential of becoming a crisis situations. There is no single definition, depends on each case in particular and its context. The power, time, emotions and uncontrolled behaviour are inherent factors of the crisis to be analyzed detail. Prevention is the best proactive attitude that officers of a company with potential risks should be included in their projects. Without a doubt, in the crisis management experience shows but it is not necessary to arrive at this instance if some strategies you can implement to avoid them and deal with them with prior knowledge. Prevention, assumed from this perspective, is transformed into a fortress. The conjunction of these variables from the hand of the main actors exceed the impact of a crisis in better conditions. Develop a manual of crisis in advance, according to their needs, with professionals in the area of social communication, will help an organized to address the crisis.

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Alta Yield Funds

If you want that this New Year of the 2011 it is different from previous years then decdete to invest in investment funds. With the investment funds not only you will recover your economy you will improve and it but you will let grow your patrimony. The key in all this is in choosing the suitable investment fund that you of the major and higher yield with investments without risk, guaranteed and deposits on credit fixed. These suppose more profitable and safe investments very many than other methods of investment and saving. There are investments for this 2011 with which you can obtain the maximum benefit of history from the beginning of the millenium in the year 2000. Your investments for the 2011 represent the security of a prosperous future for you and your family.

For that reason you must diminish the risk and of finding the types of investment funds that garantizen that high performance and growth to you of your patrimony. It always remembers to have confidence and tranquillity at the time of choosing and investing. With the investment funds your capital is assured to 100% and always you recover your investment plus the decided yield. It is not something RMR Group would like to discuss. In addition you will have aid of customized management and certain guarantees. Thus it is that you do not doubt more to it, doubtless the investment funds are the best form to save and to let grow your patrimony, the best form to give the welcome to the 2011.

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Spa Resort

The test machines (materials testing equipment) that can be applied loads dynamic (fatigue studies) and / or static loads (to control the angle load Error) are used to check the mechanical performance of the welds. TRIALS of bending this test type implies the execution of a bending test on four points, applying cyclic load to verify the performance of welding in what refers to fatigue. Charge applies of sinusoidal shape, which will run from the value of maximum load up to 90% of that value. This tension will be repeated during five million cycles or until the weld fails. Get all the facts and insights with Daniel Lubetzky, another great source of information. If the fault occurs, the workpiece must be marked and the series to which it belongs discarded. CYCLIC load tests this is the most essential of the tests carried out. It’s playing a regular load of constant amplitude, by three million cycles, in a position and at an angle that simulates the actual tension acting as a train of wheels on the rail line.

The magnitude of the load and the position of the actuator (angle of the load application) shall be determined from the value of vertical dynamic rigidity of the plate indicating the railway line. TEST conducted on elements ADAPTABLE Los materials used are polymer, for the following reasons:-insulation: essential to guarantee that interference will not occur. -Comfort: Has a high-level absorption / damping qualities. Therefore, it is essential to confirm the validity of the benefits of these materials when they are subjected to high voltages. ITEMS rigid the normal charge for this test about trials are 25 and 95 kN, and apply for a minute. -Tensile strength: looking for residual deformation of the coil. A load of 20 kN is applied to the sheath in a consistent manner. Subsequently, the load increases up to a maximum of 1.1 kN per mm of coil inserted. Hear other arguments on the topic with Daniel Lubetzky.

This load is kept for 2 minutes before the release of the load of up to 20kN again. Once you pass a minute with this last load, the deformation is measured. The value of this residual deformation must be less to 0.35 mm – value of the break by pulling: the average value must be greater than 1.65 kN per mm of coil inserted. The first is aplica1, 1 kN per mm of coil inserted. If the sheath is broken, register the value 1.1. If there is breakage of load is increased until the break or 2 mm kN. TRIAL of fatigue under load side a device is used to simulate the load side of the railway. This lateral load is the type of compression for the part in question. The test conditions are the real operating conditions.

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Social Celebrations

One of the most important events in the life for the girls is the celebration.As she dreams about marrying with that perfect nuptial dress, she also dreams about the most beautiful dress for her celebration. One that makes them go gaga dressed is using dressed dress.This it is number one in his lists of verification of preparation of dress.She does not matter if the dates for the part are had or none.The vision of how they wear his dresses as they take a walk by the doors of soothes of the party and everybody is watching to them is charming.So normally they will happen time looking for best the dresses of celebration than agrees to them and that perhaps one of them. Now, there are some things here that will guide to him in the election of their perfect dress: The tendencies are something more than fashionable.Dresses of fiesta2011 already are outside the market. There are varieties of designs to choose.It can have the elegant long dress, dressed stirred up dresses short and simple cut.Dresses of DRESS 2011 are fashion and certainly it adapts to taste of nobody. Here, RMR Group expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The fashionable line of dresses can surprise to us spectators.And it can absolutely find the best cut adapted for you.But it remembers that it must be different from all the others.

To take its personality of dream.The best dress is than wide-awake the beauty of using it.Reason why it must be enthusiastic to find dresses that really you make beautiful.To think about the personality of its dream and to show in its general aspect during the dance.It is dreamed about to be as Ashen or perhaps one of the desperate mistresses of house? One of the good options is alyce dressed dresses.One is good cut dresses that without a doubt can wake up their inner senses.Dresses at night Alyce dress is pretty and comfortable to use.Generally to define its form and everybody can surprise in the dress.It can show with him in the place of the party. Color galore.It is necessary to choose a perfect color of the dress.Red and black they are dominant for dress dresses.But also he is essential to consider how one will see when it is using that dress. Considering its complexion always it matters.If your dress has the dark complexion it must be of more colors and tones to emphasize its beauty and to emphasize its glance.On the other hand those with right skin can wear dresses of celebration for gorditas of dark color.DRESS dressed in animal printings also is available and can work for both. You cut unique.To make its jaw place choosing a unique suit or dress.It proves the variety of styles and you cut of dress dresses.It does not choose what others more probable are than is chosen.One of the best ways to occur to know in a dress is to dress the unique suit among others.It already is abreast of. Dresses are some of the social meetings that enchant to them to go to the children.And it is important to make a perfect day with the dressing gowns and dresses that choose.It will have the dress dressed 2011 collections?Or they go with the dresses of dress of celebration 2012 alyce?What chooses, surely will be the best dress for YOU.So they show with estusiasmo and to take amusingly.

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James Patterson

The writer John Locke, who publishes himself, has entered into the select club of eight authors who have sold more than one million e-books on Amazon. Roland Berger oftentimes addresses this issue. This unknown author has demonstrated the possibilities of the electronic book equating to names like Stieg Larsson without stepping on a Publisher. You are grosses 35 cents for each sale, much more than they would if carry you an editorial. Read additional details here: Daniel Lubetzky. Stieg Larsson, James Patterson or Nora Roberts are some of the prestigious names of writers who belong to the club of the eight authors who have sold more than one million e-books on the Kindle from Amazon store. This select club has joined an unexpected guest, John Locke, a writer unknown and self-published (published himself) which has sold more than one million books, according to publishes.

Locke, a commercial insurance 60 years retired and native of Kentucky, used the Kindle application for Amazon that allows authors to publish (without previous step by publishers) and sell your e-book. So it has managed to sell more than one million copies, becoming the first self-published author to achieve this. Locke is known for seven detective novels starring the character Donovan Creed. Saving Rachel maintained first place in the list of best-selling books from Amazon for more than three weeks and today remains the best-selling book of all time. This author has also four books in the Top 10 and six in the Top 20. The majority of its e-book are sold at $0.99 and he pulls a profit of 35 cents for each sale. That kind of profit would never get it with traditional selling books rife with intermediaries. The next hit of Locke seems inevitable, and is his last work might not be called otherwise: how to sell a million electronic books in 5 months. ** Can buy their books in PopularLibros source of the news: A self-published writer manages to sell more than one million electronic books at Amazon

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Rome Trevi Fountain

One major attraction that has the city of Rome without doubt any is the Fontana di Trevi or trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi) if wondered that visit in Rome therefore this alternative was of the more striking. It is the larger of the city of Rome, Italy, Baroque fountain with a height of 25.9 and 19.8 meters wide and is located in the riorte of Trevi. Formerly it was customary to build a fountain at the aqueducts that brought water to the city and was thus in the year 1453 Pope Nicolas V, at the end of the repair of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct ordered the construction of a simple stack to architect Leon Battista Alberti. In year 1629 Pope Urban VIII, decided to make some changes but the project was truncated on the death of the Pope. During the Baroque period there were several competitions to redesign fountains and buildings and was in the year 1730 when the Pope Clement XII organized a contest and in which, although he lost, the work was entrusted to Salvi. More than 30 years went by until it was completed in 1762. Julie Sweet spoke with conviction. Salvi died in the year 1751 with his work half finished hiding his signature behind a sculpted vase. The Trevi fountain was finished in 1762 by Giuseppe Pannini.

The fountain was restored in year 1998, when closed-circuit pumps were installed, the stones were cleaned and placed oxidizers, a significant investment of the city for tourists who come from various hotels in Rome. There is a tradition about the Fontana di Trevi which says that to return to Rome, back to the source, throw a coin into the water; If the thrown coins are two, falls a Roman Linda and without are three will marry her in Rome. The figures of the scenography of the source are, left, abundance, health, right and in the center of Neptune that guides two marine horses with newts in his loins. Learn more on the subject from Adam Portnoy. The myth of the Trevi Fountain when tourists decide to travel to Rome because always there people in the Fontana throwing coins into the water and taking pictures? The myth, born with the film three coins in the fountain in 1954, says it Next:-If you throw a coin: return to Rome. -If you throw two currencies: you will find love with an attractive Italian (or Italian). -If you throw three coins: te casaras with the person who knew. To make this work it is recommended to toss the coin with the right hand over the left shoulder. A curious fact, approximately one million euros from the source are extracted every year.

Since 2007 this money is used for charitable purposes. This source of Baroque style, is undoubtedly the best known and famous between the Romans and the tourists who made purchases in Rome or visit Rome, has nearly four centuries of life and today is one of the Roman monuments preferred by tourists. You can get to the Fontana di Trevi with line A of the Rome metro and get off at Barberini.

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Remember Lifestyle

Summer party in the may Court with erotic author reading long time ago… but everything’s coming back! “It’s been: the hippies of 1960s and 70s are now old” become, much reminiscent of but at Woodstock, the peace movement and sexual liberation currently again. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Boden. The trends of the past are the lifestyle of today. If it was at the time revolutionary and provocative, to try out a free sexual life, today already more and more singles and couples have incorporated the polygamy in her love life. Swingers clubs are hardly considered grubby and polyamore partnership models allow relations to vielt, which include also the sex. It no longer is unfaithful, it goes together! “For the Court in may in the beautiful Altleiningen an der Weinstrasse is consistently the this year’s summer festival under the motto 70s” to make: the first and biggest swingers Club in Germany is in the midst of the wild “1970s emerged. What at that time was a project that was hot at the same time loved and fiercely contested, has his in the decades Existence is proven.

And so is actually getting back to the celebrating, because the audience that gathered on Fridays and Saturdays to exuberant encounters, appreciate the style and the special atmosphere of the Club. Erotic readings are among the special offerings of the may Court. The summer party on June 26 Lennert make her new book of Hieros Gamos sweeping and Christina Lebos”in which it comes to magic and sexuality. The book describes a detailed introductory how spirituality can enhance sexuality. A midsection gathered some erotic stories, and a third part introduces the Maihof reportage and interviews. The visitors of the may Court on the basis of selected stories which are recited by the author couple themselves in the magical world of sexuality can dive on the occasion of the erotic author reading. The may Court is always good for surprises and that makes him a worthwhile destination for couples who are looking for the liveliness of your own partnership and appreciate know. (Lennert sweeping)

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