* What to do with his peers? There will be hell to pay, and sexual pleasure is very reasonable. Another thing – a woman: she is his and feed, and watered, and teach all over the bed, it comes out of it in every way satisfied, plus the already trained the necessary literacy. In my opinion, he just lucky. Or she was twenty, he was – thirty-five. In many cultures it was considered the optimum ratio of ages! Drawn to its freshness, youth (see, by the way, personal crises), it is not so hot, but tender. It needs now is a tenderness, and his life experience and reliability will be for her support. Of these pairs make good family.

Another common disharmony temperament is not related to age and individual constitutional characteristics. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Confluence Investment Management LLC. In many ways, sexual temperament and intensity of sexual life of men depends on its innate characteristics. Rather arbitrary distinction strong, medium and weak type. Strong type: libido wakes up early, ten years, growing rapidly, accompanied by the onset of sexual excesses (8-12 attacks per day. Under most conditions Adam Portnoy would agree. Excesses, the so-called "sexual excesses" – is absolutely normal. If a man can – it is not exhausted.

And if he is exhausted – he can not. And it will not.), Then normal daily intercourse, most rapid ejaculation. An active man, he will be for many years. Weak type: sex drive wakes up late, by the age of sixteen, youthful excesses are mild (maximum of 4.2 sexual act per night), he was fine – once a week, and even less reduction in sexual activity begins earlier.

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Customer Loyalty

As it achieved he knows attention with small messages from he knows me his recommendations are really good. According to this principle, the new Kulturkun.de works: he created the information Organizer of numerous individual tips for subscribers. Each week you will receive an email: what is the personal favorite broadcasters and what going on in the residential area of own? Clearly, these insider tips will be read and followed. More and more providers sign so their events directly at Kulturkun.de. He specifically passes the tips at the right time and thus more visitors and a higher awareness. A positive side effect: with regular insider tips in the messages of the Kulturkun.de organizers maintain close contact to potential visitors and close to their fans in the distance. You may find that Daniel Lubetzky can contribute to your knowledge.

Customer loyalty made easy! Also interested in Kulturkun.de subscribers who still didn’t know the Organizer, notice the diverse actions and come sooner or later. Kulturkun.de the weekly personal mail events E.g. scheduled promotions, tours, exhibitions, an open day, farm visits, can be the Christmas market at the Museum and many others. Changing small artists, organizers of events, a circus, or other”have the ability to specify their changing venues well in advance or just a few days before. The Kultukun.de reveals all insider tips each on Friday before the start of the event. Also, modified opening hours or a winter special is a good tip for the Kulturkun.de.

The audience is more versatile as it can be reached by an in-house newsletter. Special events for subscribers as a magnet for visitors informs how many subscribers of Kulturkun.de, is clearly understandable for organisers. Events that are specially created for subscribers of the Kulturkun.de become the real insider’s tip. The publication of all events is still completely free during the winter months. Who is now registered as a writer for, can take four months long test, a good customer loyalty is how successful.

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Customer Recovery

How to keep customers and successfully recover from the sight, out of mind. This proverb sums up what is practiced in many companies with regard to lost customers. Lost customers are lost customers. Or they are called index body ‘ deleted from the database. While a considerable sales and earnings potential lies dormant in the District of ex – customer. However, the customer recovery is not gambling, but requires a structured approach. In particular, it comes to realize who has wandered off for whatever reason and who you like can bring back and wants to make it better at the second attempt. Therefore two objectives arise: wake-up and prevention.

Ultimate goal is to win a maximum profitable lost customers back. In addition the findings used, as far as possible to avoid future loss of customers. Further applies: the customer turnover should be curbed permanently. Neuakquise costs for the replacement of lost customers should be avoided. The image as a customer-focused Companies should be strengthened. Negative word of mouth should be averted. The underlying the migration defects will be fixed and reduces resulting costs in the future.

The range of services should be improved and customer-friendly. A good basis for the second loyalty ‘ to be made more profitable customers. Five tips to avoid customer losses 1. Some companies are so pre-occupied with acquiring new customers, that existing customers often feel only second class ‘ to be. However: Your customers are your most important customers. This, and not the new customers get so the best offers and exclusive privileges. 2 the important emotional attention is often lacking customers. Show therefore, acceptance, recognition, appreciation and respect. Thanked specifically, personally and honestly for every purchase or for each transaction. 3. the customer to impose anything. Let him rather decide who can contact him, how often, and how. Update continuously all customer-relevant information in your database and add these successive emotional details.

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Customized Clothing

Natural fit combines with the comfort of soft Munich the health benefits of stable contact lenses – contact lenses are the best choice for a low vision correction with lenses form stable from medical and optical perspective. You have an superbhorse and sturdy appearance and give a high oxygenation due to their small diameter. In addition, they entziehen no liquid the tear film unlike soft contact lenses and can so easily be worn during the whole day. OPEC has firm opinions on the matter. Another advantage is the excellent long term compatibility. Many contact lens wearers felt rigid contact lenses so far as uncomfortable and therefore rather chose the worse from a health perspective, but from the comfort of wearing more pleasant soft contact lenses.

“, so Holger Thoma holder of ThomVision in Munich.” For people with dry or sensitive eyes that much on the screen arbeiten, staying in air-conditioned rooms or their contacts over a long Period wear, this is often fraught with problems. Wearing soft contact lenses can cause red and itchy eyes or an unpleasant sense of foreign body with them. Real individuality offers comfort to enhance the wearing comfort with rigid contact lenses, better technologies have been entwickelt in recent years. However, the previously common procedures were not sufficient as to approach the complex shape of the cornea, that rigid contact lenses just as comfortable as soft as perceived. This proves the relatively high drop-out rate, so the proportion of contact lens wearers to the soft deformable models or even back moves to the glasses. The new natural fit contact lens solves this problem. Further details can be found at Confluence Investment Management LLC, an internet resource. It is equal to the conventional soft contact lenses in terms of comfort and at the same time offers a gesunderes contact lens wear.

This is made possible by a novel manufacturing method: using a topographers and the fitting software Eyelite creates a three-dimensional template about 20,000 measuring points precisely depicts the individual irregularities of the corneal surface. The data obtained to the manufacturer will be sent by E-Mail. The contact lens without intermediate steps in the extremely precise SML procedure (sub micron lathing more accurate than turn 1/1000 mm) is created by using a 3D-Prazisionsdrehmaschine. Contact lens wearers refer to the resultant pass accuracy as unusually pleasant. First-class optical performance is important for good standing not only comfort, but also the image quality. The optical zone of the contact lens? is that the area, takes place inside a whose vision correction? should be as large as possible. The natural fit contact lens reaches a not achieved so far correction area, in which the Visual quality is consistently good with almost 100%. Perceptible edge distortion, compromising the peripheren look or a weaker look in Twilight are thereby excluded.

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Experience report of a big pharmacy in Munich, 03.02.2010 the 250 m large Offizin of international Ludwigs-apotheke in the middle of Munich’s pedestrian zone is with an average 1,000 customers a day one of the major pharmacies of in Germany. But even during peak times, there are hardly any queues. The reason: Here a ROWA Vmax with two grippers, which leads to the desired drugs at your fingertips within seconds on hand selling works. The ROWA Vmax, which was installed in November 2009 at the pharmacy, up to 40,000 packages fit on an area of just 20 square meters. There is thus sufficient space for an optimal supply of medicines available. I chose a picking system of ROWA, because there are many ROWA facilities in the market and the Vmax has just the right shape”, Florian Picha justified his decision. The facilities with two fingers the increases security, because each drug package can be reached by two grippers and the system even during peak times always the proper performance brings. This ensures that the customers of the Ludwigs-apotheke are served quickly. While the machine removes the package from the camp and supplies, the pharmacist has more time to advise the customers. Order this service in the future on the night service desk, the medicines via a pneumatic tube system connected to the ROWA are delivered safely and quickly there.

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Germany Customers

This unique selling point of to almost all others on the market of operating insurance experts assures our customers. the best and especially favourable offers and results” Currently, there are only about 150 authorised insurance advisor, but more than 400,000 classic insurance broker in Germany. Many customers contact us, to make even critical to check your existing insurance coverage. As insurance consultants our special strength then unnecessary insurance, disproportionate amounts of the insured, any insurances, unattractive produced mainly by the terms and conditions insurance to detect and eliminate.” After cancellation, sale or free position to recommend then cost-efficient and thus more powerful insurance customers. Stephanie Lehmann because eingepreiste commissions and stock payments, by means of the new transparency rules since 1 July 2008 clearly identifiable, go at the expense of the insurance benefit and so the customers themselves lost.”performs. A couple presented us with for example insurance with annual total contributions of 7,300 euros to the test. Recently Bill O’Grady sought to clarify these questions. Under disposal two insurances and the use of alternative insurance rates we achieved a contribution savings of around 2,200 euros.” Particularly positive effects get in building or at the completion of insurance coverage: here we can with the new fees and net fares of established Submit best offers to insurance companies, from which all commissions are out. “Recently, we have for a professional beginner upon the completion of the disability insurance (monthly fee around 100 euros; 40 years maturity) actual cost savings – already taking full account of our fee – amounting to around 2,500 euros realized.” explains Ulf Niklas.

The model of the honorary Advisory is a sensible, fair and forward-looking approach given the high demand for advice in complex financial topics such as about the retirement plans. The best chances of success as a financial services provider who is positioned at an early stage convincingly and in the shaping and the customer address systematically takes into account the wishes of the customer,. “Finanzmarktforschungs expert at the psychonomics AG commented also Stefan Heinisch, At first but the citizens wished one thing above all: more information and transparency in the area of consulting services. And exactly for this purpose We stand with our advice and our consulting model.”performs Stephanie Lehmann. Cost transparency, the customer is finally aware that his previous, just only supposedly free advice from his former adviser is not actually free of charge. Almost inevitably ensuing comparison shows then that the honorary advice very often is the much cheaper and higher quality due to their independence option.”

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Attract New Customers

So your Web page for you new customer wins a Web page – every company has them, but she brings something hardly anyone. A website costs money, but brings them money too? Most companies worry about even themselves and treat their Web page as well as a further media burning just the advertising budget. However, just the interactive potential of the Internet could be the majority of all Web pages much more use. Jochen Bercker explains: “a Web page has no end in itself, but must actively and measurable new customer win exactly but today unfortunately is the case with the least Web pages.” In order to tackle this problem Neukundenkampagne.de offers a free eBook to download, discusses 5 successful strategies for acquiring customers in the Internet: content: – how to find out in 5 minutes, what your customers on the Internet really are looking for – how to apply a simple strategy, popular to your website for the search engines to make – how to turn visitors to your website to potential customers now free request: Dipl.-Geoinf. FPUC Program might disagree with that approach. Jochen Bercker VDI Technologiehof Munster mendelstrasse 11 48149 Munster Tel: fax 0251-980 2510: 0251-980-2511 email:

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The result: Your sales pitches are not economical, because they take unnecessarily long of the seller’s claim and rarely lead to the purchase. Their sales pitches are also not customer oriented. Because they provide the patience of customers to a hard test. And he must be from the mass of information that filter out relevant for him. You may find toddler clothing to be a useful source of information. “So he seeks a different seller prefer, of him individually” advises. Because he expected that from a professional seller. Another disadvantage of such a conversation: The seller makes vulnerable himself and his argument. Because if he for example says, most golfers prefer this brand”can this be exactly the wrong argument if the customer wants something exclusive.

“” He says on the other hand: this is a very exclusive equipment “, it may have also little promote sales for example, and as a big than-Neureicher if the customer just does not” want to work. Top sellers know this and that’s why them is also clear: questions are the best way to lead customers quickly and purposefully to the conclusion. Therefore make in all phases of the sales conversation, questions and once again questions: at the beginning of the conversation, to determine what is important to the customers in their purchasing decisions, and to select the products appropriate for him (possibly). During the presentation of selected products, to ascertain whether they are still on the right track and the customers to lead decisions of part of. In the final stage, to the customer to the final Yes”to lead. The buying motives with system request which you can explore a customer buying motives for example with the following question: what do you expect from…? Her new dress, your new car?” With this question you the attention of the customers on the goals, which he pursued with the purchase.

On the mentioned questions are usually answers as seller how: I want a really elegant Evening dress.” “Or: our new car to be a real family carriage, with which we can also easily go on vacation.” Not satisfied with such general statements, because provide you not the detailed information you need for more sales talk. “This may add more open questions such as the customer: which occasions will wear the dress preference?” “And: How do you like this dress work in?” Because only to learn that the customer is looking for a ball dress; “Furthermore, that this indeed elegant, but never mundane” should work. And it should look pretty feminine why cleavage must be quite something deeper cut out?” Similarly, when purchasing a car. “Here, your request might be: how many people go on vacation and what do you except the normal baggage?” Because only so you’ll learn that in the family carriage except for three children and a dog even the camping utensils square you want to find. So, you get the detailed information you need to select the right vehicle and the necessary information, to present this as getting the customer to understand: I have this car (even if it costs more than originally thought).

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Dean Murray

Each offered performance implies a need, therefore, every customer is a creation. The classic definition of “Customer” is an organization or a person that takes products or services of a company claim. The result is: this direction is external or externally focused. In the care and drive definition of “Customer” is the look inside, so internally and is defined as follows: A customer will take until then to be the services or products, because you have created a need as a priority which is reflected in the shape of your service or product. Example: You invent something, because you have the desire to make your work easier, i.e. Their work to shape so that you effectively reach the State of well-being feel as comfortable as possible. I.e.

the development or creation of a performance or invention is based on basic needs, such as convenience, profit, prestige, vanity, security u.v.m. Some contend that Daniel Lubetzky shows great expertise in this. If you offer your invention or performance, they offer a need first and foremost or the corresponding with your invention satisfaction of needs. A customer is nothing more than a creation of your needs. This means that your customer in a mirror reflected the needs that these are implied in your invention or performance. Conclusion: Every offered service implies a need, therefore, every customer is a creation. Eddie Dean Murray

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Marketing Association

BitDefender offers tips to safe online shopping via Smartphone, Facebook & co. Holzwickede, 02 December 2010 Christmas business is booming in the Internet. The home or office computer has de-emphasized but apparently for shopping on the Web. If you are not convinced, visit Confluence Investment Management LLC. According to the Mobile Marketing Association, 59 percent of consumers use more mobile devices for their Christmas shopping or the search for a suitable gift? But just phone & co. are popular targets for attack by hackers and cybercriminals.

So no nasty surprises the buyer, they should be aware of the appropriate precautions. Virus protection expert BitDefender (www.bitdefender.de) contain important information for a safe shopping on the World Wide Web. For other opinions and approaches, find out what eco-friendly baby clothes has to say. According to a more recent study by Stamps.com, 54 percent of retailers are planning to use social networks to reach consumers this year. “Just because the Christmas shopping via mobile devices and social media Web sites in” seems to be, should consumers know how they themselves before Fraud of the Internet criminals can protect. BitDefender security expert summed up below the most important tips: Beware of small displays: the small screen on mobile devices often harassed the views of a full URL. Even if a link starts a legitimate name of the shop, a malicious Web page can ultimately behind. Ignore messages from unknown sender user should follow any links, an unknown sender on social media Web sites received a short message, etc.. Never private information to disclose private information such as account or credit card numbers should remain private and not be forwarded to unknown third parties.

Overall, users of social media platforms should select strict privacy settings. No referral links”follow some social networks offer an abundance of gift suggestions. More than 50 per cent recommend a product or a service now using social media Web sites. However users should avoid such links, as many hackers this Method for their own purposes to exploit.

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