Regional Advice

To become a real estate broker, it is necessary that the candidate if credencie to the CRECI (Regional Advice of Real estate brokers). To carry through this credenciamento, the candidate will have to register itself a course of called real estate broker TTI (Technician in Real estate Transactions). This course TTI will have to be recognized for the COFECI (Federal Advice of the Real estate brokers) so that the future corrector is recognized and if fits in the legal requirements for the attainment of the register in the CRECI. TO the exformao of corretorr of property in a course TTI it passed to be demanded with the federal law of number 6.530. Before this law invigorating, any person could freely exert the function of real estate broker. After the law, the profession of real estate broker passed to be regulated with the correctors if congregating in the Regional Advice who are responsible agencies for the fiscalization of the exercise of the profession. The regional advice have its headquarters in the capitals of the Brazilian states. Source:.

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Moscow Furniture

Today many regional furniture companies faced increase deadlines orders firms importers. This can explain that during crisis importers significantly reduced their stocks. In therefore regional furniture company accounts wait importer deploy multiple orders from different clients factory (to advantageous was carry) wait cheap Deals transport company and finally delivers the goods to Moscow. In this arrangement, since placing the order on the regional client until the furniture is 4-6 months. Can I somehow fix the situation for the better? Answer: Undoubtedly.

Case that today many regional furniture companies may handle most Italian manufacturers furniture and interior directly. How? Consider on example Italian furniture group Tarocco-Vaccari, which includes such plants as Sergio Tarocco, Giovanni Vaccari, Mobilsedia and Italexport. At the moment, virtually every company from the majority of Russian regions can cooperate with these factories directly, bypassing importers. In some regions, for certain collections of furniture from a group of producers are exclusive distributors. But since, the range of products is vast, the list dealers exists for all. Moreover not arise situation when sellers furniture be involved in price wars together. Technically question cooperation solved easily: regional dealer allocates order at Moscow Representation group Tarocco-Vaccari, makes prepayment to expense Russian organization and waits in Italy will manufactured his furniture; before cargo shipment warehouse factories dealer translates second tranche and, upon parish goods in Moscow, pays for shipping and customs services.

At the same time from Moscow, you can take is completely legal Clearing goods, the supplier which will be the domestic entity. In this scheme, regional furniture company not have overpay company importer but most importantly delivery terms furniture End consumer significantly shrink. So, deadline ordering when working directly specified factories will average 8-9 weeks since order placement until receipt on Moscow stock. There whether minuses y given scheme? Say honestly-small but present. Case that at given form cooperation economically expedient are orders having volume 0.5 cubic meter. Otherwise specific component customs transport payments will fairly high. But hasten soothe-for such product, as Italian furniture, the specified amount is simply ridiculous. So hurry, because it may turn out that your city is not you and your rival will be the first to take a decision to cooperate by choosing to work most interesting position.

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The money launderers have returned to the attack this time supplanting to companies with good image, with the intention to catch alamas unwary that does the dirty work to them in exchange for breadcrumbs of money, coming from illicit activities, once in a while the money laundering visits my mailbox of electronic mail like the artists of the pyramidal business, it is necessary to be quite innocent to introduce itself in that type of networks where it always loses I complete that it enters is first that leaves harmed in case of fall of the network. In the network there is multitude of pages that promise great amounts of money in exchange for selling products of most improbable, I have always wondered myself how it is possible that this type of businesses proliferates as much by the network, as is possible that as much people turn upside down thus in subjects. There are products of rarest dietetic, power products, apparatuses so that your car consumes less gasoline, although what they proliferate more are the medical products, some even of illegal character like the anabolizantes Internet is a chaos where all type of salesmen has their showcase to sell their donkey, always I have wondered myself how there are so many possibilities of embaucar to people in the strangest tasks and than nobody it takes measures, who offer all type of products of most different, from the most recondite places and it is even offered to score at a raffle where the prize is the card of residence in the United States, playing with the illusions of much people who inhale to something more good He is peculiar that Internet is a disorderly bazaar where almost everything is there, until how to make a pump Nobody puts order in that type of illegalities is decided on the most radical solution, to show the bad side of the network and to prohibit everything what facilitates its implantation, because to have Internet in Spain is an expensive and slow luxury, where the boys of the general society of authors want to impose their law, that is to say a canon to be able to accede to the network. Internet is not bad, is to give a correct use him, in my case it use to promote what I write, since to find publisher in paper when no you are known is an odyssey. Internet serves to me to watch bank, del that I do not entrust myself absolutely, I promote what I make to occur to know, to my uses it neighbor to put its life in sequence sentimental in sequence, to him occurs that well him, I I am satisfied to leaving the ostracism Internet comes well for people with mobility reduced like a servant, is a way to arrive at all sides.

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Vice President

He said the spending rule shall include flexibility when there is a recession, a natural disaster or a catastrophe requiring stimulus measures. There is no time to create a new tax that serious these rents. The economic Vice, Elena Salgado, has said that with the reform of the Constitution will be set a maximum for all public administrations structural deficit close to zero for a normal situation, which expected to be reach from 2018. In a normal situation the deficit should be zero or very close to zero. Cloud computing takes a slightly different approach. That normal situation do it want to put in the Constitution from the year 2018-2020?, explained in statements to RNE. Salgado has insisted that in normal situation and long term the public deficit should be very limited, but unless you remove the possibility that can adopt policies of fiscal stimulus when the circumstances require it. The rule of expenditure shall include the flexibility when there is a recession, a natural disaster or a catastrophe that requires stimulus measures, although that lead to a given year have one greater deficit, has said. The Vice President has tinged that the current deficit, which will be trimmed to 6% of GDP in 2011, does not correspond to a situation of normality, and therefore is not a structural deficit, but it derives from an economic context adverse forced to adopt fiscal stimulus and has raised the amount of benefits for unemployment.

On the other hand, speaking to cadena SER, Salgado has left the door open to that on Friday the Government approve an increase in taxation to large fortunes, given that said that you there is no time to create a new tax that serious these rents. For a new tax on large fortunes no time. To increase the pressure on large fortunes, allow me hopefully to Friday, he said. Regard to whether large fortunes in the country have been sent a letter to the Ministry of economy and finance asking for a tax increase, as it has happened in France or in the United States, the Minister said had not received anything in writing. Source of the news: Elena Salgado says the Constitution will set a deficit close to zero limit

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Pain in the wrist properly prevent goods several years ago still disparagingly referred to as secretaries-Leiden, considered they now epidemic: pain in the wrist through the work on the computer. The news portal explains how concerned of the so-called mouse hand”can counteract. As at the elbow or with the golfer elbow involves the mouse hand irritation of muscles and tendons. Tennis and golf, prevent athletes of the inflammation with the right technology or pause for a while. People who work every day with the computer, are less flexible. However applies as for the tennis players and golfers a strong arm muscles as key to the pain-free work on the PC. You may wish to learn more. If so, Larry Ellison is the place to go.

Pushups are particularly effective as health editor of You train the antagonist of the affected muscles and thus prevent their edginess. Also recommends a gel pad for keyboard and mouse. Since during the typing and clicking flexibly on the soft surface move the wrists, reduces the risk of so-called routes tendon irritation. Failed the screening, that is no reason to panic. The shortened muscles can be stretched, for example, by a massage of the forearm muscles. Masiert is transverse to the muscle fiber by the elbow towards wrist. Bernard Golden gathered all the information. This hurts at acute mouse hand while, helps but if it is carried out consistently.

Patients, however, should refrain from drugs such as sports creams rather. This Act mostly only in combination with current therapy. Before people consult a doctor, it is advisable to wait for about two weeks. During this time, the wrist is protected and cooled for pain. The complaints persist longer, a doctor should be consulted to exclude other causes of inflammation. More information: ../zum-schmerz-geklickt-und-geschlagen/1/ contact: Tilo Sommer University first media GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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A Room in an Apartment

This is the best case scenario. If they are “not going anywhere to go, they sent a notarized letter with acknowledgment of receipt of an offer to buy your room. In fact, to get your room, the neighbors have one a month. If after a month they will not buy it, you have a “free hand”, ie, you can sell it to anyone at its discretion. Once again, accent your attention: the law provides for the month purchase, not to consent to the purchase.

In this issue sometimes mistaken even notaries, and suffer from it then, buyers and sellers (in my real estate practice, there were such cases). Unfortunately, quite often the neighbors, not having opportunities to redeem your room (share in the apartment) and not wanting to still have new neighbors, sometimes simply out of wickedness, refuse to accept the letter and sign the notice. They are not at home, do not open the door, then try to “Bargain” (otherwise you will not tell) for himself some household goods, it simply costs money. It turns out the absurd situation: the neighbors aware of the fact that the share of the apartment is sold, the time goes But the notice is not signed, and formal reading of that same month, not begun. And the unfortunate bookseller room can not do anything. Well, not police the same cause (although there are also cases of delivery of letters in the presence of the district)! If, however, assume a three-room communal apartment in a two-room home to one family, and a third room was empty because of the permanent absence of the owners due to one or other life circumstances, the resistance of neighbors who are accustomed to untroubled existence, it becomes brutally simple. In the apartment can not even lawful owner, change the locks on the door, not to mention the realtors and potential buyers.

We often hear such “Statement”: “No one living here will not be! No agreement on a deal we do not give and do not sign! “There are plenty of opportunities to forgive the kind of tautology, make it impossible for sale rooms in the” communal “apartment. No question about it. They can be overcome. To do this, there are lawyers and realtors. Speech that “communal” will not disappear even for a long time. Hence, they will buy and sell. I want to talk about something else – with roommates should be friends! Of course, today’s “communal paradise” is not one that is beautifully shown in the film “The venue can not be changed.” But good, good relations with neighbors in the apartment has always been and will be the key to success sale of your room in the future. You’re not going to leave the “communal”? Believe me, it’s today you not think about it, but tomorrow, after tomorrow, next month, next year is likely to think about I have long hesitated to express on paper their thoughts on “public” housing.

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The introduction of its own design "BIT: CRM 8" has helped to increase the number of advertisers and increase their loyalty. Company "Novorossiysk transport TV" is a representative of a single federal network Transit of Video "First-run television," operating in 47 major Russian cities. The channel offers viewers as commercials for products and services in the city, and the transfer of road safety, wildlife, horoscope, weather forecast. Previously, the company records customer base was carried out using a spreadsheet, which was time consuming and often resulted in mistakes. Required a system that will help to keep a history of relationships with clients and thus will be easily integrated with the product "1C: Enterprise 8", since it is an accounting and tax accounting. Were automated the following tasks: Accounting customers and relationships with them, storing and maintaining the history of communication with customers; Setting targets for sales managers and monitoring their implementation; Informing customers about promotions and offers via SMS.

The project was completed within 3 months. The company's specialists have installed and configured "ICE: CRM 8", trained the users. As a result of the project in a single information space is an accounting, tax accounting, customer base and history of relations with them, which allowed to find an individual approach to each advertiser and reduce the risks of losing clients or for dismissal of employees of the disease. In addition, informing customers through SMS help time to tell advertisers about updates and promotions company. Guide was a great tool for sales planning and monitoring their performance managers.

In general, the product "ICE: CRM 8" to help increase loyalty customers and increase the number of advertisers. Alesia A. Eliseev, director of "Novorossiysk transport TELEVISION": "We are pleased with the results of the experts of the company" 1C: Accounting and Trade " (BIT). In the introduction we are able to automatically keep track of customers, promptly inform them about our news via SMS. In addition, we were able to plan and control the volume of sales. We thank Professional ICE will work with them in support of the program. "

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The Same

Once we have defined which is the client profile who majors benefits contributes to the company, by discarding, are things that no longer we will make fidelizar our clients. To catch new clients and fidelizar: Although fidelizar it is not to catch new clients, are inherent who when defining our profile of client primary target, are things that we will have to adapt to this profile of client. And the changes surely will include many aspects of the company not only the communication in favor of catching new clients with the same profile. The form of treatment whereupon the employees communicate with the offered clients, comforts, the decoration of the establishment, the design and navigability of our Web, etc. If you would like to know more then you should visit Facebook. Our company must shine like a paradise for the retired lady or a paradise for the university student, according to the type of objective client that we have. Delta airlines oftentimes addresses this issue.

The communication: What yes it is a principle without exceptions is the respect by the client and the attention that offers him, and a respect form in which some companies fail and perhaps lose clients is the time and the attention that is dedicated to him to the same. Time and space; nothing else disagreeable for any type of client it is that it must make a tail of several minutes, to be unemployed hoping and that when gets to speak with employee, so is exhausted and burned that as soon as can spend minutes to him. A good communication is an excellent investment and it is obtained training to the employees in attention to the client and granting the employees to them, the best conditions of work. The strategies: Unlike the great companies and multinationals, the SMEs have a greater facility to develop effective strategies of loyalty. Since they have the possibility of being more near his clients and to know its restlessness and what they are demanded almost in real time.

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On our roads the number of cars every day is growing. Of course, it is not strange: everyone wants, including in today's world, filled to the limit by convention, have to start a little independence, which allows private road transport. Summer or winter car helps to not worry about bulky luggage, climate and difficulties in the buses. In addition, the machine – it's also part and style. And it's always very important. While at the same time cars will only add to his master and a number of difficulties. Because whatever the car must be regularly checked for proper operation and technical, to work on those with a view to this serviceability was constant.

Because auto repair in Moscow is always needed. Most of all, if a combination of value and merit to this service will be better. It should be noted that the set of simple actions, such as replacement oil, filters, cleaning and drying of the candle holder at all able to perform himself. But the times when lying in his garage under (with great difficulty, inherited) motor vehicle was the main business of the happy car owners have long ended. Why do most dive head first into the fuel in the oil stain and in fact engage in the complexities that are far from the field of desire? Let change the engine oil and remove the other problems actually those who have the appropriate equipment and skill level.

Since all must become self-employed. Only in such a scenario actually achieve real prosperity. I should say that in most modern garages are provided not only a purely maintenance facilities, as well as room and waiting for a customer who does not wish to participate in the restoration of the car and just kept at it. Automotive services so customers have an interest in that a large number of situations many times more profitable for them to offer regular customers and agents with substantial discounts, gifts and promotional campaigns for example, when performing a specific scope of work washing nozzles for free or discount with palpable. This kind of advertising proposals provide an opportunity not only to clients to feel needed and respected, and also save money. And time. And for this service – employment of staff, their salaries. And, therefore, both parties remain satisfied. Consumer is satisfied that he could save the finances and, moreover, to organize all the required work. Car service with clients and acquire the strength to endure and in the global financial crisis.

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Federal District

What does the Russian market in the transport sector, transportation services Car transporters in remote regions of Russia? From all available – sea, railway, transport auto transporter, each has its own peculiarities. Thus, For example, transportation by sea, taking specific geographic features of Russia, is of little use, and may be exercised only during the navigation season, which significantly limits the ability of transport vehicles. All Possible routes pass through the Baltic Sea in the west and Russia in the south through the Black Sea ports. A car imports to Russia from the Asia-Pacific Far East port companies put in a difficult position. On the one hand, vehicles imported more and more ports are being built new avtoterminaly. On the other – to export these cars are nothing. oao rzd 'imposed a ban on transportation of cars in postal vans and specialized transporters are sorely lacking. On the other hand the overall market decline of sales of foreign cars in Russia in the first two months of this year was 33%.

At the same sale in the regions of shrinking faster than the center. Exception is only the North-West Federal District, where the decline was only 23%. These statistics are provided in the review of the Russian automotive market, prepared by the analytic agency Avtostat. Specialists note that the most strongly from the crisis hit the auto market in the Urals (-43.4%) in the Volga region (-42.5%), in southern Russia (-40.9%). In this situation, transportation of cars by rail is becoming more urgent. Oracle has much to offer in this field.

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