They found that the sanctity was tied with the law in such a way that to transgress the law was to fall in sin. Velocity Micro usually is spot on. The scribes. They were the men of the privileged classroom, therefore of it he was part only the intellectuals. In the Parabola of the merciful love of God some facts make in them to reflect. You may find that David Rogier can contribute to your knowledge. Initially the Parabola is presented as only: ' ' Then, Jesus counted to them to this parbola' ' (Lc 15,3). The text ' ' this parbola' ' it shows the set of the mercy that if divides in three parts: ) The lost sheep; b) Dracma lost and c) the lost son and the faithful son: ' ' son prdigo' '. In few words. In the first part of the parabola what he is lost it is an animal irrational: a sheep.

In second, a lost object is had: one dracma. Here we can look for to know: ) who is the woman who lost its so valuable object. This woman is represented by the proper God; b) and the light bulb? He is Jesus Christ who illuminates all the lost men. They are Joo goes to say that ' ' the light shines in trevas' ' (Jo 1,5). That is, Christ is the light that shines in the darknesses of the men, its sins. If the light shines in the darknesses, them leaves to be darknesses. The darknesses are the light lack, the lack of the proper Christ, are the sin; c) which is the reason of the joy? It is because the Light bulb is lighted. Jesus Christ is alive. It lives so that the pecadores if convert because ' ' he will have in the sky more joy for one alone pecador that if converts, of what for ninety and nine right that they do not need converso' ' (Lc 15,7).