Ten taken care of with your own papers and private documents You would have to compile all type of documents and papers facing your divorce or separation process. From your Libro of Family to the lists of your pair they could be from great importance facing the final resolution. Evidently, you would have to conserve them in a safe place. And if you did not have total confidence in your pair, it would be better you kept than them far from your common address, where he or she could not have access to the same. The house of your parents or some relative or near friend could be good options in this sense. In the case of common documents to both, you right must perfect to ask for a copy of the same.

And, in fact, you would have to do it if you aspire to that your judicial separation or divorce reasons by channels adapted to your own interests. 2.It prepares an inventory on your separate properties of husband and wife and the communal properties to both It would be precise that you reflected on the set of the goods on which you told like pair, determining to whom its ownership could correspond. It indicates with clarity which properties could corresponderte, either of exclusive way, or of form shared with your pair. Based on the maritally Agreement that you could have agreed (or if there were not any and you were in force by the established thing by the Norm), they will correspond an u to you other goods. Identifcalos and recgelos in an inventory carefully so that you are not with disagreeable surprises during the process.

On the other hand, they ten especially well-taken care of with personal objects of certain value that could corresponderte exclusively, like old jewels, currencies or seal collections. If they disappeared of your common home it could be very complicated to justify them and to demand them before the Court. On the other hand, they could be used for presionarte emotionally. He would be advisable, finally, that you enclosed to this inventory photos of the mentioned goods in, or even which you recorded sequences of these, appearing in both cases the date of the takings realised with the object of facilitating the test before the Court in case of conflict. In this way, although at a certain time those objects would disappear, you could have to your favor convincing tests that these existed.