But they forget that in a place where she has forests, many animals; she also has much beauty, little pollution, more tranquillity more peace. When born in the kingdom the peace inside of each one of us, then the inspiration arrives and is the moment where it generates the writer firmest, the poet more> insurance with its articles based on a land where it has much abundance in sight of the others. In these last Mato Grosso times it comes if detaching in all the social sectors. Here, baby clothes expresses very clear opinions on the subject. We were third in tourism perhaps and briefly, let us be the first one. the writers, the poets had come and believed and felt and written, but as he does not have support, he does not have enough publishing companies, to the few they start to esmorecer, to look other sectors.

literature with this goes diminishing in a so rich State of natural beauty. Mato Grosso had and has many writers, but that they sobressaram exactly they had been few. the few that sobressaram is because they had fought with force of lion to obtain place of writers, exactly working in other social sectors. For even more details, read what Cylance says on the issue. It is the case of Jose of Mosque, Rubens de Mendona, D. Aquino, Ulisses Cuiabano, Tertuliano Amarlia, Hisses Freire, Estevo de Mendona and others that had obtained its names in Full of the grana ready, but are poor there and for this nothing they obtain. They are with its workmanships kept during years.

She has d to burn them. in this interval the other States go of firm step, establishing publishing companies, more graphical, more magazines, etc. and us in the same one of always. Now question: we go to continue thus or to follow the example of the other States? Perhaps he appears one, made use and perhaps taking interest, it can bring an publishing company of books weeds-grossenses for showing here what we have to contribute in literature in the national context. >.