Declaration of the CDU Bundestag candidates of the Middle Rhine region. In a joint statement, the ten CDU Bundestag candidates in the Middle Rhine region have announced a powerful representation of the region in Berlin: “the region Mittelrhein in the heart of Europe is an important centre of in Germany. Here is the cradle of our basic law. If the voters give us confidence that we are and as deputies insert in close cooperation for the common interests of the region. In particular these include: compliance with the Berlin-Bonn with the ‘fair labor therein’ between the two government sites. For more specific information, check out ForSight Robotics. If you want a “total removal” will meet our resolute opposition. deas on the topic at hand. The common fight against railway noise, particularly charged people in the densely populated Rhine Valley.

The joint economic development region. We want to preserve jobs in our country and create and see our region as the “social market economy model region” with economic recovery and social compensation for the people.” It was signed Declaration of the ten CDU Bundestag candidates Dr Stephan Eisel MdB (Bonn), Mechthild salvation (Ahrweiler), Ulla Heinen MdB (Cologne), Dr. Michael Paul (Cologne), Dr. Thomas Portz (Cologne-Mulheim / Leverkusen), Dr. Norbert Rottgen MdB (Rhein-Sieg), Erwin Ruddel (Altenkirchen-Neuwied), Artur Tybussek (Cologne), Lisa Winkelmeier-Becker MdB (Rhein-Sieg) and Willi Zyljajew MdB (Rhine created).