Severino (2002, P. 72) affirms that ' ' the education is one practical social and politics whose tools are symbolic elements, produced and handled by the subjectivity and mediated by cultura' '. To omit these factors of the pertaining to school resume is an error that can cause damages to the learning of the pupils and meager the process of construction of the knowledge becoming the somewhat meaningless learning and without meaning. 3. Investigations made for teachers with formation in the Teaching and acting in the municipal net of education.

Ten professors of the municipal net of education had been questioned some questions related with its Formation and Practical Professor, these investigations had been carried through during the month of October of the current year during where in one they talk informal they had been questioned. 1 question was which would be the opinion of them regarding the teaching course and if this provided the necessary formation to them for its good performance as educator. They were almost unamimity to agree to the fact of the course not to have prepared fully stop working with Local History, not guiding the professor from the daily one of the pupil to study its history, the history of the family, etc. But this orientation came without the necessary instrumentalizao. In summary, theory without practical.

eight of the teachers attribute to its personal effort to the base whom they possess to exert the teaching. According to them, it was through an independent study, after the conclusion of the course, who had obtained to more surpass the absence of a content directed toward the reality of the professor in the classroom. Exactly those that had affirmed that the teaching had prepared for them of satisfactory form, had finished entering in contradiction after that, alleging ability lack to deal with heterogeneous groups with different levels of knowledge and different localities, one you see that a considerable number of pupils goes and come of other regions cities. 2 question was on the education of History in the initial series, and on its difficulties in this task. Amongst many factors, some factors had appeared as the unpreparedness, lacks of conhecim