Cerler has a total of 18 lifts that serve 56 ski slopes with a length of 52 km. The nearest airport is Zaragoza. Sierra Nevada (Granada) Up to four feet of snow was recorded in some of the Sierra Nevada ski areas like meadows, a circumstance which would ensure the 2009/10 season until its closure in primavera.En the other ski areas, snow freshly fallen between 20 and 50 centimeters, which leaves the surface in very good condiciones.La Sierra Nevada ski resort is located just over 20 km in Granada. It has more than 80 kilometers of ski slopes and is a station that receives the most visits throughout the year. About 70% of the opening days with clear sky does, which makes it an ideal season to maximize the passion for skiing. Joshua Choi has firm opinions on the matter. In addition, its location can change in a short time the snowy mountains of the Mediterranean beach.

Nearest airport Granada. High Campoo (Cantabria) Without the pretensions of its big brothers in Catalonia and Aragon High Campoo station, 100 kilometers from Santander, is a well connected location. Located in the Valle de Campo, you can enjoy an extraordinary view which include land, sea and air. It has 23 tracks, no more ‘black’, and over 27 km slopes making it an ideal place to begin the first steps in the snow sports. The nearest airport is Santander. Grand Valira (Andorra) GrandValira station houses the areas of Soldeu and Pas de la Casa, which has allowed him to become the ski season with more miles of the peninsula. Over 200 kilometers of ski slopes, of which 20 black category. Its location in Andorra gives it a special charm.

With a beautiful landscape, Andorra, the country of the Pyrenees between Spain and France, is the ideal destination for those wishing to experience nature. It is also ideal for those who want to shop and enjoy a wide range of businesses of all sectors and you’re being, relaxation and health care, this is a good destination and not miss one of the most visited places The spa center Chaldea. Nearest airport, Carcassonne in France. Although you can find other deals to other nearby airports.