Theme of the crisis – is highly relevant for all people who care about their own lives during this difficult period. Get more background information with materials from Tim Clark. Economists and experts say the current crisis is not like all the previous ones and therefore the old methods of dealing with him work. How sad not to admit it, but public support for people in Russia are not well developed, so as always, the rescue of drowning the handiwork of drowning. My question to the heads of companies: what to do enterprise to survive and perhaps even succeed in crisis? Puzzled by this question, the first thing I saw – it's "Action Plan to improve the situation in the financial sector and some industries ", ie an official document of the Government's anti-crisis program of the government. (11/07/2008) 1. The document represents a plan consisting of 55 points and is designed for 5 months. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, said that in general 'anti-crisis program, which implements the Government today, in my opinion balanced. Of course, it's not perfect, "but" she answers your most difficult challenges, the most complex problems and, like any program, it can be corrected "- said Medvedev.

He noted that it is already being modified. 'The only way to behave in the current situation. It is not possible to approve a document or set of instructions on which Government will work for six months and as a result there is another situation ", – said Dmitry Medvedev. He noted that over the past 8 years, Russia has managed to create a strong economic foundation that allows overcome the current difficulties.