Yes, it is not in the center, yes, another unfamiliar area, but it will finally ISOLATED HOUSE! And here you will find prenepriyatneyshy surprise, called "Article 250 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation." In accordance with it are your neighbors have preferential right to purchase shares in your apartment, in other words, your room. Yes, according to the price at which you sell it, yes, other things being equal. But you have to offer them to buy it. If the neighbor's room is not privatized – consider yourself very lucky. In this case, the apartment owner a municipality.

Take the "abandoned" in the Property Fund and all. The city is absolutely not interested in "fruits" of the new "communal." Therefore, a problem with that, usually does not happen. But if your neighbors are legally owners of their own rooms (or shares in an apartment) – it is sometimes complicated, sorry to idiocy. I say "sometimes" because, under normal relations with neighbors in the past agreed to go to a notary public and give written waiver of pre-emptive right to buy your room. This is the best-case scenario.

If they are "going to go nowhere," they sent a notarized letter with acknowledgment of receipt from offer to buy your room. In fact, to get to your room, the neighbors have one a month. If after a month they will not buy it, you have a "free hand", ie, you can sell it to anyone at its discretion. Once again, accent attention: the law provides for the month of purchase, and not to consent to the purchase.